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 May 16, 2024

Michael Cohen Testifies As Final Witness In Trump’s Business Records Case

Michael Cohen's cross-examination in the trial against former President Donald Trump continued on Thursday morning.

Fox News reported that the court accuses Trump of falsifying business records to cover up a $130,000 payment to Stormy Daniels, with Cohen admitting to lies under Trump’s directive. At the same time, a previous advisor disputes the star witness's claims.

Cohen, the key witness in Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg's case, was rigorously questioned by Trump's defense attorneys. The prosecution aims to demonstrate that Trump falsified 34 business documents to obscure a payment made to adult film actress Stormy Daniels before the 2016 election.

Defense Scrutinizes Michael Cohen’s Claims

Former President Trump, who has denied all charges, is accused of orchestrating the payment through Cohen. Cohen testified that he utilized a home equity line of credit to cover the $130,000 payment to Daniels as per Trump's directives.

Cohen, asserting that Trump's then-CFO Allen Weisselberg suggested increasing the gross amounts to conceal the arrangement, said he was later reimbursed $420,000. He presented 11 checks, which amounted to the $420,000 received under the pretense of a retainer.

Under cross-examination by Trump's defense lawyer, Todd Blanche, Cohen acknowledged his previous false testimonies to Congress and the public in 2017. He regretted his past actions and admitted to significantly focusing on Trump in his public commentary.

Cohen's Past Crimes And Admission Of Lies

Michael Cohen admitted in court that he had pleaded guilty in 2018 to charges including campaign finance violations and received a three-year prison sentence. He accepted his role in disseminating misinformation.

Blanche sharply questioned him about his frequent media appearances and negative public statements about Trump. Cohen conceded that he had mentioned Trump in every podcast recorded since the investigation's initiation to underscore his continued focus on the former president.

Additionally, Cohen confirmed meetings with former prosecutor Mark Pomerantz and admitted seeking recognition from the DA’s office to lessen his prison sentence.

Disputes Over The Payment’s Origin

Cohen's previous advisor, Robert Costello portrayed him as a perpetual liar. Costello asserted that Cohen handled the payments personally without using Trump's money.

Costello contended that Cohen had told him he “took care” of the payments to Daniels independently, which contradicts Cohen’s court statements.

Meanwhile, Trump faces a gag order preventing him from making public statements about witnesses or the court staff, a ruling the New York Supreme Court's Appellate Division recently upheld. His attorneys are now considering an appeal to the state's highest court.

The resolution of this case remains to be seen, but its proceedings underscore the enduring complexities and controversies surrounding Trump’s presidency and subsequent actions. As the defense continues, the legal fight over Trump's business practices and the veracity of Cohen's statements, as well as Costello's allegations, will remain central to the case's outcome.

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