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 June 28, 2024

Michelle Obama Frustrated With Biden Family Over Personal Drama

According to Daily Mail, Michelle Obama has kept her distance from Joe Biden’s re-election campaign due to personal frustrations involving the Biden family.

Obama has refrained from campaigning for Biden because of how the Biden family treated her friend Kathleen Buhle during her divorce from Hunter Biden, although both families deny any rift.

Michelle Obama has notably not participated in Joe Biden's re-election efforts in person or on social media. Her decision stems from frustrations over Kathleen Buhle's treatment during her contentious divorce from Hunter Biden.

Despite these reports, spokespeople from both the Biden and Obama camps firmly deny any animosity between the two families.

Michelle Obama's Close Bond With Kathleen Buhle

The friendship between Michelle Obama and Kathleen Buhle blossomed during the Obama administration. Michelle and Kathleen spent considerable time together, often working out and sharing cocktails at the White House. This bond was tested when Buhle’s marriage to Hunter Biden ended acrimoniously in 2017, with Buhle accusing Hunter of misusing family funds for drugs and prostitutes while battling his addiction to crack cocaine.

The details of this divorce recently resurfaced during Hunter Biden's federal gun trial in Delaware. Michelle’s frustration reportedly lies in her perception of how the Biden family treated Buhle during this tumultuous period.

The dynamic between the Obama and Biden families has reportedly shifted since their White House days. Former President Barack Obama himself has expressed candid opinions about the Biden family, reportedly describing their behavior as peculiar after a 2017 fundraiser for the Beau Biden Foundation.

Campaign Activity and Official Responses

While Michelle Obama was hesitant to campaign for Joe Biden in 2020, she ultimately did so due to political pressures. However, her reluctance appears more pronounced this election cycle. In contrast, Barack Obama has remained an active supporter of Biden, participating in multiple fundraising events.

The White House and representatives for Michelle Obama have been quick to dismiss rumors of a rift. Andrew Bates, a White House spokesman, emphasized the strong familial bond between the Bidens and the Obamas. He highlighted the close support the former President and First Lady have shown for Biden’s leadership and agenda.

Crystal Carson, a spokesperson for Michelle Obama, also denied any tension. She affirmed Michelle's ongoing support for the Biden-Harris campaign and reiterated her friendship with both Kathleen Buhle and the Biden family. Carson also noted that Dr. Jill Biden recently joined Michelle Obama’s family in celebrating the life of Mrs. Marian Robinson.

The Impact on Biden's Campaign

Despite the denials, Michelle Obama's absence from Biden's campaign has not gone unnoticed. Her powerful influence and popularity could be a significant asset, and her distance may raise questions among supporters and detractors alike.

As the campaign progresses, it remains to be seen if Michelle Obama will eventually join the re-election efforts, as she did in 2020. Her potential involvement could provide a notable boost to Biden’s campaign, which continues to navigate complex political and personal landscapes.

In conclusion, Michelle Obama's decision to refrain from campaigning for Joe Biden is rooted in her frustration over the treatment of her friend Kathleen Buhle during her divorce from Hunter Biden. This decision has been met with firm denials of any familial rift from both the White House and Obama's representatives. The evolving dynamics between the Obama and Biden families, along with Michelle’s influence, will continue to be of interest as the campaign unfolds.

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