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 July 3, 2024

Michelle Obama’s Presidential Odds Increase

Michelle Obama's chances of winning the 2024 election have significantly increased with bookmakers after Biden's debate with Trump on Thursday.

According to Newsweek, before the debate on June 27, leading bookmakers offered odds of 16/1 (5.9 percent) for Michelle Obama winning the 2024 election. These odds were from Bet 365 and Sky Bet, while William Hill offered 20/1 (4.8 percent).

Post-Debate Odds Show Significant Change

By 8 a.m. ET on Tuesday, the odds had changed significantly. Bet 365 offered 12/1 (7.7 percent), Sky Bet had 14/1 (6.7 percent), and William Hill posted 10/1 (9.1 percent).

During Thursday's debate, President Biden appeared to lose his train of thought, raising concerns about his age and cognitive faculties. This performance sparked a debate within the Democratic Party about Biden’s viability as the 2024 nominee.

Former President Donald Trump criticized Biden's comments on immigration, questioning the clarity and coherence of Biden's statements.

Biden’s Odds Decline After Debate

Before the debate, Biden's odds of winning in November were relatively strong. Bet 365 offered 13/8 (38.1 percent), while Sky Bet and William Hill had him at 11/8 (42.1 percent).

Post-debate, Biden’s odds dropped sharply. Bet 365 shifted to 15/4 (21.1 percent), Sky Bet to 7/2 (22.2 percent), and William Hill to 3/1 (25 percent).

Johanna Maska, a former aide to Obama, posted a video critiquing Biden's debate performance. Maska urged Democrats to consider a new candidate, citing Biden’s inability to articulate his thoughts clearly.

Michelle Obama’s Stance on Running

Despite the speculation, Crystal Carson, Michelle Obama's director of communications, reiterated that Michelle Obama has no plans to run for president. Carson emphasized that Obama supports President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris for re-election.

The Trump campaign declared victory in the debate, criticizing Biden's performance and preparation. They argued that despite a weeklong preparation at Camp David, Biden failed to defend his record on the economy and immigration effectively.

Gavin Newsom’s Odds Also Rise

The debate also had an impact on the odds for other potential candidates. California Governor Gavin Newsom saw his odds improve significantly. Before the debate, his odds were 20/1 (4.8 percent) but improved to 5/1 (16.7 percent) post-debate.

Newsom expressed pride in Biden’s performance and dismissed any suggestions that he might run for president. He described such suggestions as "a non-sequitur."


The recent debate between President Biden and former President Trump has had a notable impact on the betting odds for the 2024 election. Michelle Obama's odds have increased significantly despite her repeated statements that she will not run. Biden's performance has raised concerns within the Democratic Party, and his odds have declined. Meanwhile, Gavin Newsom's odds have also improved, though he has dismissed any intentions of running. The situation continues to evolve, reflecting the dynamic nature of the upcoming election.

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