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 June 22, 2024

Michigan Lawmaker Arrested For Alleged Assault, Gun Incident

In a shocking turn of events, Republican Michigan lawmaker Neil Friske was arrested on Thursday morning under dramatic circumstances.

Friske, a representative of the state's 107th House District, allegedly chased an exotic dancer while firing a gun and now faces a felony charge, as the Daily Caller reports.

The legislator's arrest was conducted by Lansing Police after a report surfaced about a male armed with a gun. The lawmaker is currently in custody, charged with a felony-level offense. The sequence of events leading to his arrest involved further disturbing allegations.

Allegations Of Assault And Firearm Misconduct

Friske is accused of sexually assaulting an exotic dancer affiliated with Deja Vu Showgirls, a known local establishment. Following the alleged assault, he purportedly chased the dancer while discharging a firearm.

The allegations were severe enough to prompt immediate police action. The Lansing Police Department confirmed that Friske’s actions warranted a felony-level charge.

Upon arrival on the scene, police indeed found Friske chasing the woman, prompting his swift arrest. Details remain sparse as authorities delve deeper into the investigation.

Campaign Reacts to's Arrest Timing

Friske’s campaign team quickly issued a statement on Facebook questioning the timing of the arrest. They implied that the arrest coincides suspiciously with the release of absentee ballots.

The statement hinted at political motivations, referencing a recent poll between Friske and his opponent. The campaign suggested that the arrest might be influenced by Friske's political standing.

“This comes a day after an unknown phone number conducted polling on the 107 race between Rep. Friske and our opponent,” the campaign noted.

Public And Investigative Response

Deja Vu Showgirls chose not to comment on the incident. The establishment's decision to withhold statements has kept public discourse speculative at best.

As investigations proceed, the lawmaker is scheduled for arraignment on Friday. Legal experts anticipate a tumultuous trial given the severity of the charges. Friske’s campaign has asked for prayers and support amidst this controversy. Officials promised further updates directly from the campaign or from Rep. Friske himself.


Neil Friske's arrest has sent shockwaves through northern Michigan's political landscape. Charged with a felony following allegations of sexual assault and firearm misconduct, his career now hangs in the balance.

The incident has raised questions about the implications of such charges on his political future. As this story develops, citizens and political analysts alike watch closely. Friske's scheduled arraignment on Friday will mark the next chapter in this unfolding legal and political drama.

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