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 June 13, 2024

Missouri Executes David Hosier for 2009 Murders

David Hosier, a 69-year-old convicted murderer, was executed Tuesday evening at the state prison in Bonne Terre, Missouri.

Hosier was put to death via lethal injection following the rejection of his clemency plea for the 2009 killings of Angela Gilpin and her husband, Rodney Gilpin.

According to Daily Mail, the execution took place at 6:11 PM with a single dose of pentobarbital. Hosier had been sentenced for the murders, which occurred in Jefferson City in 2009.

Angela and Rodney Gilpin were found dead on September 29, 2009, in the hallway of Angela's apartment. The motive behind the tragic event reportedly stemmed from Hosier's romantic involvement with Angela during a period when she was separated from her husband.

Final Meal and Statement Reflect Complex Emotions

As his final meal at 11 AM, Hosier requested a New York strip steak, a baked potato with butter and sour cream, Texas toast, Dutch apple pie, milk, and orange juice. Despite the gravity of his crimes, he maintained his innocence until the end.

In a surprising statement, Hosier expressed: "I leave you all with love, now I get to go to Heaven. Don’t cry for me. Just join me when your time comes." He also quoted from Timothy as a part of his farewell message.

Angela Gilpin had applied for a protective order due to fear of Hosier. She believed he might harm her and her husband, a fear that tragically materialized. Hosier became a suspect after police found evidence in Angela's purse and managed to track him to Oklahoma using cell phone data.

Police Apprehend Hosier After Chilling Threat

When stopped by law enforcement, Hosier was found with a devastating arsenal: 15 firearms, 400 rounds of ammunition, and other weapons.

A submachine gun, believed to be the murder weapon, was found in his car, but tests remained inconclusive. Hosier insisted he was not fleeing but merely driving to clear his head. He claimed the firearms were intended for hunting.

During his apprehension, Hosier exhibited a cold demeanor, telling officers, "Shoot me, and get it over with." This chilling statement was indicative of his confrontational stance.

Governor Opposes Clemency; Execution Proceeds

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson steadfastly rejected Hosier's clemency plea, asserting that Angela Gilpin lost her life because Hosier couldn't accept the end of their romantic relationship. "He displays no remorse for his senseless violence," Parson said, adding that Hosier deserved the harshest penalty under the law.

Hosier's execution marks the second at the Missouri prison in 2023, following the lethal injection of Brian Dorsey in April for the murder of his cousin and her husband.

To sum it up, David Hosier's execution closed a harrowing chapter of violence born out of a tumultuous relationship, the broader implications of which ripple through the legal and moral fabric of society. As the state of Missouri continues to enforce capital punishment, the execution of David Hosier raises both moral and legal questions about justice, closure for victims' families, and the efficacy of the death penalty.

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