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 June 27, 2024

Monica Lewinsky Calls for Judge Aileen Cannon's Impeachment Over Handling of Trump's Classified Documents Case

Daily Mail reported that Monica Lewinsky is demanding the impeachment of Judge Aileen Cannon due to her perceived mishandling of the classified documents case involving former President Donald Trump.

Lewinsky, along with many liberals, believes Cannon’s decisions have unfairly delayed the trial and favored Trump.

Lewinsky, known for her involvement in the 1998 Bill Clinton impeachment scandal, has taken to social media to voice her frustrations. She described the situation as "INSANE" and called for immediate action against Cannon.

Frustrations Over Delayed Trial

Monica Lewinsky joined a chorus of critics accusing Judge Aileen Cannon of bias in the high-profile case. Cannon's rulings have sparked outrage as they were repeatedly overturned, and the trial has not been scheduled before the upcoming November elections.

Lewinsky's social media rant highlighted her anger over the lack of progress in the case. "It is INSANE that it hasn't moved forward to trial, and I hope Judge Cannon is impeached," she wrote, reflecting the growing frustration among those seeking accountability.

Her criticisms come in the wake of Cannon's postponement of a May trial date, with no new date in sight. This delay has fueled speculation that Trump may not face trial before the elections, raising concerns about the potential impact on the judicial process.

Accusations of Favoritism

Lewinsky's statements emphasize the perceived favoritism shown towards Trump in Cannon's rulings. She pointed out that if the documents had indeed been declassified, Trump should have returned the originals and clarified their status.

She argued:

IF it had been an honest (ahem) mistake to take them… just return them — LIKE EVERY OTHER PRESIDENT WHO WAS FOUND TO HAVE CLASSIFIED MATERIALS IN THEIR PRIVATE POSSESSION. (which still would have warranted an investigation but maybe not resulted in a trial. The danger and damage done by this judge is mind-numbing.

Judge Aileen Cannon, confirmed in November 2020, has faced criticism for her lack of experience in national security law and handling classified documents. Her Fort Pierce courtroom, lacking a secure facility for managing such documents, has only added to the concerns.

Two senior federal judges have advised Cannon to recuse herself from the case due to her limited trial experience and her rulings that have frequently sided with the defense. Judge Cecilia M. Altonaga was among those suggesting Cannon step back to avoid potential biases.

Overturned Rulings and Appeals

The prosecution team, led by Jack Smith, managed to get an Appeals Court to overturn Cannon's order, which prevented the use of classified documents that had been seized in their investigation. The Appeals Court noted that "The district court likely erred in exercising its jurisdiction," a significant rebuke to Cannon's handling of the case.

Despite this, Cannon has resisted pressure from colleagues and criticism for not recusing herself. Smith's team has repeatedly clashed with Cannon, who has criticized the government's demands for swift decisions as "unprecedented and unjust." In May, Cannon ruled against Smith's request for a gag order on Trump and accused him of making a "bad faith" request. Her actions have been viewed by many as obstructing the path to justice.


Monica Lewinsky's demand for Judge Aileen Cannon's impeachment highlights the ongoing controversy surrounding the handling of Trump's classified documents case. Her criticism of Cannon's rulings and delays points to a broader concern about judicial fairness and the timely administration of justice. As the case continues to unfold, Lewinsky's outspoken stance may prompt further scrutiny of Judge Cannon's actions and the potential impact on the upcoming elections.

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