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 June 13, 2024

Nancy Mace Under Investigation for Alleged Overcharging of Taxpayers

Nancy Mace is facing scrutiny over claims she improperly charged taxpayers for expenses related to her Capitol Hill home.

Daily Mail Online reported that the Ethics Committee is examining whether Nancy Mace sought reimbursements for costs tied to a property listed as a short-term rental.

Rep. Nancy Mace allegedly overcharged taxpayers by $12,000 last year for her Washington, D.C. home. The home, valued at $1.6 million, was also available for short-term rentals on VRBO under the host name "Ruth M." The listing, which has since been removed, showcased the home's proximity to the Capitol and its suitability for events.

Nancy Mace’s Expenses Under Investigation

The issue came to light following a report by The New York Times and a subsequent complaint to the Ethics Committee. The investigation seeks to determine if Mace improperly sought reimbursements for expenses related to her Capitol Hill row house.

New reimbursement rules, effective this Congress, cap lodging and food expenses for lawmakers at $34,000 annually. Mortgage payments or interest on homes owned by members cannot be expensed to prevent the capital building from taxpayer funds. Only utilities, property taxes, and home insurance are eligible for reimbursement.

Mace's average monthly reimbursable expenses in 2023 amounted to $1,576. However, despite not filing expenses in July or August, her claimed amount in other months averaged $2,782, leading to a significant discrepancy.

Public Reaction and Further Allegations

Rep. Mace claimed $27,817 in expenses, but only $18,909.39 was eligible for reimbursement, a difference of over $12,000. Her highest expense reached $4,176 in October 2023.

According to Mace, concerns regarding the transparency of Mace’s expenses were raised, emphasizing inconsistent accounting attributed to her staff.

In April 2023, an email from Mace indicated her understanding of the reimbursement limits, stating she could not claim principal and interest expenses. This message is now a key piece in the ongoing investigation.

This is not the first time Mace has faced ethics inquiries. In early 2024, she was scrutinized for allegedly soliciting campaign donations illegally during a live broadcast from the Capitol Rotunda. Mace acknowledged the fundraising effort, urging viewers to visit her campaign website and implicating her in potential ethics violations.

Implications of the Ethics Complaint

The complaint alleges that Mace's costs exceeded allowable reimbursements, causing the Capitol Hill representative to once again be under the ethics spotlight. A source involved in the reimbursement system highlighted the importance of adhering strictly to reimbursable items such as insurance, taxes, and utilities.

An inside source claimed that Mace frequently attempted to use official accounts for personal and family travel, including upgrades to business and first-class international flights, which were supposedly rejected as illegal. Nancy Mace has not commented on the recent allegations.

In summary, Nancy Mace is being investigated for overcharging taxpayers by $12,000 for her D.C. home, also listed as a short-term rental. She allegedly exceeded allowable reimbursements, leading to an ethics complaint. This follows previous scrutiny over her fundraising practices and possible misuse of official accounts for personal travel.

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