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 June 12, 2024

Naomi's Texts Expose Hunter's Unreliability, Gun Purchase Issues

Texts between Naomi Biden and her father, Hunter Biden, paint a troubling picture of his behavior during 2018.

Daily Mail reported that these messages highlight his unreliability and erratic behavior, complicating his defense in a gun crimes trial. On October 12, 2018, Hunter Biden purchased a revolver, attesting on a federal form that he was not a drug abuser. However, court-revealed messages show a stark contrast to his claims of stability and sobriety during that period.

Days earlier, Hunter had had an encounter with his father, President Joe Biden, for lunch on October 7, 2018. Hunter went silent for several days following this meeting, causing concern within his family. The persistent efforts by Naomi Biden to reach her father only highlighted his absence and unreliability.

Naomi Biden’s Struggles Revealed in Court

Naomi Biden shared a series of texts displaying her turmoil during her testimony. On October 17, 2018, she reached out to her father about car keys at 1:45 p.m. but received a response only by 11:44 p.m. when Hunter requested her to call him. This pattern of delayed and chaotic communication continued over the next few days.

The following day, Naomi sent multiple texts attempting to arrange a car swap, but Hunter took his time to respond, necessitating several follow-ups. Their communication on October 19, 2018, although finally addressing the car issue, further revealed Hunter's erratic approach.

In May 2018, Naomi experienced further heartbreak from her father during a visit to Los Angeles. They agreed to meet at the Chateau Marmont on May 21, but Hunter failed to appear on time, later citing work-related issues. Naomi’s texts expressed her worry and disappointment as she waited with a cold steak and salad.

Erratic Behavior and Unfulfilled Promises

Hunter Biden's unreliability wasn't confined to his absence. In June 2018, Naomi learned that Hunter was heading to the Esalen Writers Camp in Big Sur, highlighting that he was occupied with other commitments that did not include his daughter. June 20, 2018, messages reveal his struggles with writing and self-consciousness about sharing his thoughts.

Naomi also sought her father's financial assistance multiple times. In August 2018, she asked for funds while in Chicago and drove from Wyoming to California to see him after he failed to visit her in Jackson. During this period, Hunter had been staying at a rehab facility in Brentwood following his battle with substance abuse.

On September 2, 2018, Hunter expressed his feelings of exhaustion and familial challenges to Naomi. This communication further underscored the instability that marked their relationship during this period.

Hunter Biden's Troubling Communication Patterns

In October 2018, Joe Biden left a voicemail message urging Hunter to seek help, reflecting the family's ongoing concern for his well-being. By this time, Naomi's attempts to contact her father had become increasingly desperate and frequent.

Messages from October 18, 2018, reveal Naomi's frustration and distress as she struggled to coordinate logistics with Hunter. Her texts ranged from inquiries about car keys to expressions of deep emotional need, emphasizing her longing for their father-daughter relationship.

Prosecutor Leo Wise's questioning centered around Hunter's interactions with a dealer called "Frankie" and whether Hunter had given Frankie access to his Wells Fargo account. These inquiries aimed to underline Hunter's unreliability and questionable associations during that time.

Hunter's challenges with maintaining communications and fulfilling promises, along with his evident struggles with substance abuse and familial issues, were clearly visible through the extensive text exchanges with his daughter, Naomi. These revelations in court have undoubtedly added complexity to his ongoing legal battles over the gun purchase incident.

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