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 June 21, 2024

Nathan Wade Discusses Relationship with Fani Willis in Awkward Interview

Former Trump prosecutor Nathan Wade publicly addressed rumors about his relationship with Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, which cost him his job.

But his interview with comedian Marlon Wayans led to further embarrassment and criticism of both Wade and Willis.

As reported by Daily Mail, during the interview with Marlon Wayans, who appeared as his character Quon, Wade was confronted with uncomfortable and inappropriate questions about his involvement with Willis.

Interview Leads to Embarrassment

Wade insisted that his relationship with Willis did not impede their professional duties. He emphasized their countless hours preparing and investigating the case against former President Donald Trump.  Wade described Willis as a "respectable mother" and "a brilliant legal mind," underscoring their dedication to the legal proceedings.

However, Wade struggled to navigate through Quon’s incessant and inappropriate remarks. Quon referenced intimate moments insinuating an improper nature to Wade and Willis’s relationship, further escalating the scandal.

Quon quipped:

I see how it happened, countless hours, and I need a foot rub, you know what I mean, and she rub your foot. And I'm like, 'Hey let me give you a massage,' and all of a sudden, boom boom, we up on this desk. Man.

Wade Responds to Quon's Inquiries

Wade promptly refuted these insinuations. "That's not how it happened," he stated. The comedian continued to mock the situation, suggesting that Wade might have been "he tooed" by Willis.

Facing a challenging personal life, Wade is currently embroiled in a bitter divorce case. His relationship with Willis played a significant role in his resignation from the Trump prosecution team in February 2023, which had a ripple effect on the case against Trump.

Legal Scholars and Public Reaction

Legal experts did not hold back in their criticism. Anthony Michael Kreis, a respected constitutional law professor, found Wade's public comments "gross" and emphasized that both Willis and the citizens of Fulton County deserved better.

Despite the turmoil, Wade tried to draw a clear line between their professional and personal interactions. He reiterated, "I did my job," suggesting that his professional integrity remained intact throughout the scandal.

Quon's repeated jabs included another inappropriate comment, "How can you not hit that? How can you not? We spending that much time together, we doing everything, we might as well." These remarks underscored the farcical nature of the interview.

When Quon asked if he met his obligations to Willis, Wade confirmed, "I did. I did my job." His continued insistence that Willis was more like a client than a boss aimed to deflect some of the criticisms hurled at them.


Nathan Wade endured a cringeworthy interview handled poorly by a comedian in character. The serious nature of his relationship with Fani Willis, a significant professional figure, led to severe repercussions, culminating in his resignation and public shame. Wade's situation reflects the complexity and sensitivity of merging the personal with the professional, particularly in high-stakes legal scenarios. The public and legal communities continue to process the fallout while focusing on upholding the integrity of legal proceedings.


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