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 June 23, 2024

Naval Academy Women’s Lacrosse Team Goes Viral with Patriotic Display

The Naval Academy women’s lacrosse team recently captivated the internet with their patriotic pre-game ritual before a crucial semifinal game.

Despite the team's spirited performance in the semifinal and its viral rendition of a popular song, the group narrowly lost to Loyola in the championship final, as Fox News reports.

In May, the Naval Academy women's lacrosse team concluded its season with a unique highlight. The team's pre-game ritual, a tribute to the late country singer Toby Keith, caught the attention of many online. The ritual occurred just before a semifinal game against Holy Cross in the Patriot League.

Singing Toby Keith's Patriotic Anthem

The team's pre-game ritual involved singing Keith’s hit song, "Courtesy of the Red, White And Blue" in the locker room. The video of this moment went viral, showcasing the team's unity and patriotic spirit. Midfielder Sydney Beitler, a freshman from Darnestown, Maryland, led the singing, standing at the center of a circle formed by her teammates, who stood shoulder to shoulder.

During the performance, Beitler playfully threw a mock punch at senior goalkeeper Anne Culicerto from Charlotte, North Carolina, adding a touch of humor to the intense moment. This video was later intercut with clips from the game against Holy Cross, highlighting the team scoring goals and celebrating to the background of Keith’s song.

The semifinal game saw the Naval Academy team dominate Holy Cross, securing a decisive 19-5 victory. Emily Messinese and Tori DiCarlo each contributed four goals to the win, demonstrating their offensive prowess.

Online Reaction and Viral Fame

The video gained significant traction on social media, with OutKick reposting it and drawing numerous positive comments. One user on X remarked, "This is the best thing you will see all day!!" Another user praised the team, stating, "Toby would be so proud! These girls are first class patriots! Never watched women’s lacrosse game in my life but they got a new fan in me!"

The team’s display of patriotism and camaraderie resonated with viewers, earning them new fans and widespread admiration. This viral moment underscored the strong bond and spirited enthusiasm within the team, qualities that have defined their season.

However, the team's journey did not end there. They advanced to the Patriot League Championship final, facing off against No. 7 Loyola. In a thrilling and closely contested match, the Naval Academy ultimately fell short, losing 12-11 in overtime.

End of a Remarkable Season

Despite the loss, the team’s performance throughout the season was commendable. The championship game showcased their resilience and determination, even in the face of a tough opponent. The players' ability to push the game into overtime highlighted their competitive spirit and skill.

The Naval Academy's women's lacrosse team’s viral pre-game ritual and subsequent performances have set a high standard for the next season. The players' chemistry and enthusiasm on and off the field have left a lasting impression, both within the lacrosse community and beyond.

Looking ahead, the team is poised to build on this season’s experiences. The bond among teammates, as evidenced by their pre-game rituals and on-field celebrations, will undoubtedly continue to be a cornerstone of their success.

In conclusion, the Naval Academy women’s lacrosse team captured hearts with their patriotic tribute to Toby Keith and their impressive gameplay. From their viral locker room performance to their narrow defeat in the championship final, the team’s journey this season has been nothing short of remarkable. As they prepare for the next season, the team members' unity and spirit promise even greater achievements ahead.

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