Written by Ashton Snyder on
 April 2, 2024

Nearly 6,000 Biden Emails Released to GOP by Archives

The scrutiny of political figures and their families is a cornerstone of democratic accountability.

The National Archives' recent release of nearly 6,000 pages of emails to the House Oversight Committee Republicans marks a significant moment in the ongoing investigation into President Joe Biden's family business dealings, the New York Post reported.

The Investigation Into Biden Family Dealings Continues

In an era when the public demands transparency, the National Archives' release of these documents provides a wealth of information for scrutiny.

The emails, totaling 211 and spanning 5,860 pages, were part of a broader investigation into the business dealings of President Biden's family, specifically those involving his son, Hunter Biden. This document release, meticulously reported by Axios, reflects the depth of the inquiry initiated by House Republicans.

The National Archives, under the guidance of its general counsel Gary Stern, has adopted a systematic approach to the document release. In communications to Oversight Chairman Rep. James Comer (R-Ky), Stern outlined the "rolling notification process" to ensure that representatives of both former and incumbent presidents are kept informed. This process underscores the Archives' commitment to a transparent and thorough review of the requested materials.

Hunter Biden's Legal Troubles and the Search for Evidence

The document requests have focused on emails from Biden’s tenure as vice president under President Obama. The investigators showed particular interest in communications where then-Vice President Biden used a pseudonym and any interactions involving Hunter Biden or his business associates. This comes after a 2020 exposé on Hunter Biden by The Post, which raised questions about the Biden family's business engagements.

Hunter Biden faces felony tax fraud charges, which has added fuel to the investigative fire. These charges are tied to the contents of a laptop he abandoned, which contained a trove of potentially incriminating information.

Despite this, the link between President Biden and the alleged criminal activities remains tenuous. Investigators have yet to find direct evidence implicating the president in any criminal wrongdoing.

A Vast Trove of Documents Reviewed

This absence of concrete evidence against President Biden has not deterred the House Republicans. An impeachment inquiry was initiated against him in December, yet it has not made significant progress. This stagnation speaks to the complex nature of political investigations, where clear evidence is crucial for any substantive misconduct claims.

The National Archives has not limited its release to emails alone. Over 20,000 pages of emails and an additional 75,000 pages of records have been made available to the House GOP. This voluminous release represents a substantial effort by the Archives to accommodate the investigative needs of the Oversight Committee.


The release of thousands of pages of emails between President Biden's family members and associates marks an important development in the ongoing investigation into his past business dealings. While no clear evidence of criminal wrongdoing has emerged, investigators hope these documents will shed light on concerns about transparency and accountability.

The nonpartisan National Archives has taken a methodical approach, keeping all parties informed as emails and records are handed over. However, years of digging have only unearthed circumstantial links between Biden's tenure as vice president and his son's controversial business activities. With Republicans now controlling the House, the impeachment proceedings face an uphill battle without stronger proof.

Ultimately, the absence of a clear smoking gun underscores the complexity of holding presidents accountable through investigations rather than the ballot box. This vast email trove may reveal ethical lapses but is unlikely to implicate Biden criminally without more substantial connections.

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