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 February 26, 2024

New Book Claims Melania Trump Was in White House Power Struggle

The corridors of power have long echoed with tales of rivalry and ambition.

According to Fox News, Katie Rogers' "American Woman" highlights the intricate power dynamics between Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump during the latter's presidency.

As the White House correspondent for the New York Times, Katie Rogers meticulously details this internal conflict, vividly depicting the struggle for influence within one of the world’s most scrutinized residences.

Unveiling the Silent Rivalry Within the Trump White House

Melania Trump's tenure as First Lady was marked by her public endeavors and the quiet battles fought behind the scenes. Described by aides as "the princess," Ivanka Trump became a central figure in Melania's narrative, highlighting a tension that extended beyond mere familial relations to affect the very fabric of their roles within the White House.

The book, slated for release on Tuesday, offers readers an unprecedented glimpse into these private skirmishes.

A significant portion of "American Woman" delves into Melania Trump's attempts to carve out her unique path amidst the expectations and scrutiny that come with the first lady's role.

Opting to stay in New York initially for her son Barron's schooling, Melania's choices were as much about personal preference as they were statements of independence. This decision, among others, is indicative of the First Lady's desire to maintain a distinct identity separate from the presidential limelight.

The Struggle for Influence Behind the White House Doors

Shortly after his inauguration, Donald Trump quickly praised his wife, Melania Trump, for her potential as a first lady while acknowledging Ivanka's supportive role. This public acknowledgment, however, belied the complexities of their private interactions.

Melania's vigilance over media and social media mentions of her, coupled with her displeasure over plans to elevate Ivanka's role, underscores the depth of the power struggle.

Ivanka's formal entry into the White House as an unpaid adviser in March 2017 was a turning point, signifying not just her official involvement but also a potential shift in the internal dynamics of the Trump administration. The book suggests that Melania viewed these developments skeptically, going so far as to renegotiate her prenuptial agreement to ensure her son Barron's equal standing among Donald Trump's children.

One of the most public manifestations of this internal discord was Melania Trump's choice of attire during a visit to a youth migrant detention center in June 2018.

The jacket, bearing the now-infamous slogan "I really don’t care, do U?", is interpreted by Rogers as a veiled message to Ivanka Trump rather than the media or the public at large.

Media Portrayal and the First Lady's Response

Melania Trump's relationship with the media was fraught with challenges. Perceived as being constantly under scrutiny, her frustrations were compounded by portrayals that she felt misrepresented her actions and intentions.

Despite these adversities, by 2020, Melania had embraced her role, focusing on documenting her contributions to the White House with elegance and diligence.

The Office of Donald J. Trump, when approached by Fox News Digital for comments on the book, did not immediately respond. Nonetheless, Donald Trump's recent comments on Melania's potential involvement in the 2024 campaign trail shed light on her public persona. Describing her as a successful model and a private individual, Trump's remarks highlight the complex interplay between public expectation and personal preference.


"American Woman" charts the evolution of the First Lady's role in the 21st century and offers a unique lens through which to view the personal dynamics within one of America's most prominent families. From Melania's initial independence to her strategic positioning within the White House and the nuanced relationship with Ivanka Trump, Katie Rogers' book promises to be a revealing exploration of power, media, and family in the political sphere.

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