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 March 28, 2024

New Jersey Democrat Facing Calls For Removal After Mocking Easter

In a small New Jersey borough, a political storm is brewing.

Glen Rock Borough Councilwoman Paula Gilligan sparked controversy and calls for her resignation after sharing a meme on Instagram that seemed to mock Easter, intertwining discussions on drag and abortion.

Councilwoman Paula Gilligan found herself at the heart of a heated debate within Glen Rock, New Jersey, following her decision to share a provocative meme on her personal Instagram account.

Fox News reported that the meme's content, which juxtaposed Easter eggs with "aborted chicken babies" and "drags," was meant to critique certain social and political issues. However, many perceived it as a direct affront to Easter traditions.

The immediate backlash was palpable, especially among Christian community members. They viewed the post not only as disrespectful but as unbecoming of an elected official. The all-Democrat, all-female Glen Rock Borough Council, which Gilligan is a part of, now faces a dilemma as it navigates the fallout from this incident.

Community and Council Respond to Controversial Social Media Activity

In the wake of the uproar, Paula Gilligan issued an apology via social media and the council's official website.

She clarified her intentions, stating the meme was meant to express her personal views on the complexities of abortion and transgender issues rather than to mock Easter. Despite her explanation, the apology has done little to quell the outrage among constituents.

Some members of the Glen Rock community are planning a protest at the upcoming council meeting. They hope to make their voices heard, emphasizing their dissatisfaction and the deep offense taken by many. The controversy has highlighted the delicate balance elected officials must maintain when expressing personal opinions on social media platforms.

"It has come to my attention that there are constituents in Glen Rock that have concerns with a meme on my personal Instagram story." This statement from Gilligan attempted to address the concerns raised, emphasizing her stance on "personhood" laws and bodily autonomy. Yet, it also underscored the broader issue of how personal beliefs and public responsibilities intersect for elected officials.

The Fallout: Apologies, Reactions, and Possible Recall

The mayor and council of Glen Rock issued a collective apology to those offended by the post. They stressed the importance of respecting religious beliefs and traditions, particularly when those beliefs are central to the identity and values of the community members they serve. This incident comes weeks after a solidarity event against antisemitism, demonstrating the community's commitment to standing together against hate and intolerance.

Local Republican leader Barry Wilkes voiced his concerns, particularly highlighting the timing of the post before Easter and its potential impact on children. The discussion around Gilligan's post and its implications has extended beyond Glen Rock, reflecting broader societal debates over freedom of expression, the responsibilities of public officials, and the respect due to religious traditions.

Councilwoman Paula Gilligan's future on the council remains uncertain. While she has yet to indicate her plans regarding resignation, the incident has sparked a debate on the boundaries of political and personal expression in the digital age. As the community looks forward to the council meeting, the discussion is set to continue, reflecting the complex interplay between individual freedoms and collective respect within the fabric of Glen Rock society.


Councilwoman Paula Gilligan's controversial Instagram post has stirred significant debate within Glen Rock, New Jersey. At the core of the controversy are issues of free expression, respect for religious traditions, and the expectations placed on public officials. As the community and its leaders navigate these choppy waters, the outcomes of this debate may well set precedents for how similar situations are handled in the future.

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