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 May 27, 2024

Nicole Kidman Upset Over Keith Urban's Drug Reference in Latest Post

Nicole Kidman expressed disappointment with her husband Keith Urban's recent description of an Ariana Grande song as "audible heroin."

According to Daily Mail, this comment stirred memories of Urban's past struggles with drug and alcohol addiction, which had significantly impacted their marriage.

The controversy began when Keith Urban, 56, performed an acoustic cover of Ariana Grande's song "We Can't Be Friends" last week at an intimate gathering. The musician then posted a video of the performance on social media, captioning it with a comment that compared the song to heroin.

Keith Urban's Social Media Post Causes Stir

Urban's caption described the song as "audible heroin," which he reiterated in a subsequent interview with People magazine. This comparison has been met with concern from fans and his wife, Nicole Kidman, also 56.

The actress, who has stood by her husband through his battles with addiction, is reportedly upset by his choice of words. Despite her disappointment, an insider disclosed to Woman's Day magazine that Kidman would not ask Urban to remove the post.

Keith Urban's past struggles with substance abuse nearly ended the couple's marriage. Kidman is particularly concerned about the potential impact of such a comparison on their two daughters, Sunday, 15, and Faith, 13.

Nicole Kidman’s Concern for Family

Having supported Urban through multiple stints in rehabilitation, including a significant stay at the Betty Ford Center in October 2006, Kidman is understandably sensitive to references that might glamorize addiction. The insider highlighted that the comparison brought back painful memories for Kidman.

This episode also underscores her fear that their children might misconstrue addiction as something trivial or easily solved. The couple's turbulent history with Urban's addictions further compounds these concerns.

Despite her disappointment, Kidman remains supportive of her husband. Fans have also weighed in, expressing unease over the comment on social media.

Urban's Candid Revelations About Addiction

Urban has not shied away from discussing his addiction publicly. In Jeff Apter's book "Keith Urban," he recounted a difficult time when Kidman staged an intervention. Urban admitted that his behavior had brought their marriage to the brink of collapse.

During an appearance on Oprah Winfrey's show, Urban described the strong support he received from Kidman and his family during his intervention. He emphasized the profound impact of witnessing such unwavering love and support.

Urban, who has been candid about his regrets, expressed in a 2016 Rolling Stone interview his wish that he had sought sobriety earlier. Reflecting on his past, Urban acknowledged his shortcomings in relationships and admitted feelings of hypocrisy. He noted how he had written songs about love and relationships only to be called out by a girlfriend for not living up to his lyrics.

Given his romantic song lyrics, Keith Urban reflected on his past relationship failures and admitted feeling hypocritical. He and Nicole Kidman married in 2006, and their relationship has endured challenges, including Urban's sobriety efforts.

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