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 June 27, 2024

Obama's Private Meetings With Biden: 2024 Election Strategy Unveiled

President Biden and former President Barack Obama are holding private meetings to strategize on safeguarding their political legacies in the face of a potential challenge from ex-President Trump in the 2024 election.

Obama is reportedly anxious about the 2024 election, holding secret meetings with Biden to strategize on beating Trump, and believes it will be a close race but has avoided criticizing Biden and his team.

According to Fox News, President Biden and ex-President Barack Obama have reportedly been holding "secret" meals to discuss their strategy for the upcoming 2024 election. These private meetings are focused on ensuring a successful campaign against the anticipated threat posed by former President Donald Trump.

Obama's Anxiety Over the 2024 Election

According to a report published by New York Magazine titled "What Obama is Whispering to Biden," Obama has expressed significant anxiety about the upcoming election. This anxiety is said to align with the concerns of other top Democrats.

Sources indicate that Obama's concerns are not rooted in animosity toward Biden or his campaign team but in the broader political and media landscape in the United States.

Despite his concerns, Obama has avoided publicly criticizing Biden or his campaign strategies. This restraint suggests a unified front in the Democratic camp as they prepare for a contentious election.

Obama's Strategic Role in Biden's Campaign

Obama views the 2024 election as a critical contest with a real threat of a Trump victory. This perception has driven him to become actively involved in strategizing for Biden's campaign.

During the 2020 election, Obama initially distanced himself from Biden's campaign but eventually played a pivotal role. He persuaded Biden campaign leaders to triple their digital budget, significantly enhancing their online operations.

In addition to boosting the digital budget, Obama formed a working group of tech magnates to further improve Biden's online presence. Notably, he brought in renowned filmmaker Steven Spielberg to assist with Biden's convention programming.

Obama's Continued Influence in 2024

By late 2023, Obama had once again become a central figure in Biden's campaign. His involvement includes advising on campaign logistics and emphasizing the importance of retaining staff in crucial battleground states.

Obama maintains regular communication with Biden campaign chair Jen O'Malley Dillon. Their discussions often focus on strategies for targeting young and Black voters, two key demographics in the upcoming election.

At a recent event in Los Angeles, Obama expressed pride in the accomplishments of the Biden administration. He emphasized the importance of having a positive agenda to vote for rather than simply voting against a candidate.


President Biden and former President Barack Obama have been holding private meetings to strategize for the 2024 election. These meetings reflect their concerns about the political and media environment and their determination to safeguard their legacies against the threat of a Trump victory. Obama's involvement in Biden's campaign is significant, emphasizing the importance of digital strategy, battleground states, and key voter demographics. As the election draws nearer, the Democratic Party's united front, with Obama at its core, aims to ensure a successful campaign against Trump.

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