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 May 30, 2024

Photos Highlight Devastation of Biden's $320M Gaza Pier

Adverse weather conditions have demolished a newly constructed U.S. military pier on Gaza's coast. Less than a week after its completion, the $320 million structure was rendered inoperative, stalling aid efforts.

Satellite imagery provided by Fox News Digital unveils the aftermath of the storm-ravaged pier. The temporary structure was intended for aid deliveries to Gaza, but fierce weather significantly compromised it. It took less than a week for turbulent waters to cause severe damage, with less than a third of the pier now left intact.

Costly Pier Succumbs to Weather

The Biden administration has initiated repair work on the pier, yet a specific timeline for its completion remains undisclosed.

Efforts to stabilize the structure failed when rough seas dislodged four crucial stabilizing vessels earlier this week, exacerbating the deterioration of the already vulnerable pier.

Two of the dislodged vessels ended up on a beach in Ashdod, Israel, while the other two remain anchored close to their original positions. Consequently, the U.S. suspended aid deliveries through the pier on Tuesday.

The pier had managed to facilitate the transfer of approximately 569 metric tons of aid, though these supplies had not reached Palestinian recipients by the preceding week. This malfunction comes at a time of escalated tensions and operations in the region.

Israeli Military Operations Intensify

Coinciding with the pier's collapse, a significant Israeli military operation unfolded in Rafah. Israeli Defense Forces rolled tanks into the city, marking an increase in military activity. Witnesses in Rafah observed remote-operated armored vehicles being deployed, notably without any visible personnel.

The Israeli Defense Forces have withheld comments regarding the use of these unmanned vehicles, spurring further discussions about the operational tactics and technological advancements in the theater.

The U.S. pier's failure represents a considerable setback to humanitarian efforts aimed at alleviating conditions in Gaza. Plans for repair are underway, but the uncertainty remains over when aid deliveries via the pier can resume.

Urgency for Repair and Aid Suspension

High winds and rough waters this week caused the pier to deteriorate rapidly. The structural collapse has halted logistical operations and delayed crucial aid shipments. Clearing and repairing the damage will be essential for restoring the flow of supplies to the region.

As the Biden administration grapples with the challenge, no clear deadlines have been set for completing repairs. Meanwhile, the humanitarian crisis pressures relief operations to find alternative means of delivering aid to those in need.

In summary, the $320 million U.S. pier in Gaza was severely damaged by adverse weather, halting the delivery of aid and coinciding with a major Israeli military operation in Rafah. The Biden administration is working on repairs, but no timeline has been provided.

While the pier's unfortunate fate underscores the complexities of delivering aid in conflict zones, the U.S. continues to seek solutions. The breakdown of stabilizing vessels and the ensuing suspension of aid deliveries highlight the urgent need for effective and resilient infrastructure.

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