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 May 29, 2024

Poll Indicates Half of Democrats Want Biden Replaced for 2024 Election

A new poll reveals a significant portion of Democratic voters prefer a new candidate for the upcoming presidential election, questioning the viability of President Joe Biden’s reelection bid.

According to a recent Rasmussen survey, 54 percent of Democrats believe a different candidate should replace Joe Biden in the November election, Breitbart News reported.

Significant Portion of Democrats Show Preference for New Candidate

Rasmussen Reports conducted a poll from May 20 to May 22, sampling the opinions of 1,113 likely voters. The findings show that 49 percent of all respondents supported finding an alternative candidate for President Biden. A more revealing detail is that within the Democratic demographic, 54 percent echoed this sentiment.

This lack of enthusiasm among party members is crucial, as voter turnout often determines elections, especially in a closely divided political landscape. A low turnout from Biden supporters could have significant implications for the Democratic Party in November.

Among Republicans, 43 percent concurred on the need for a replacement candidate, reflecting a less pressing but still notable level of agreement across party lines.

Alternative Candidates and Their Support Levels

The poll also explored preferences for potential replacements among Democratic voters. Despite the desire for change, there is no clear consensus on a preferred candidate. Thirty-one percent of respondents were disinterested in all the potential alternatives, while 7 percent remained unsure.

However, among the 62 percent of Democrats who wanted someone other than Biden, preferences were as follows: Kamala Harris received 17 percent support, Hillary Clinton garnered 11 percent, Michelle Obama was preferred by 21 percent, Gavin Newsom obtained 8 percent, and Gretchen Whitmer had the support of 5 percent of respondents.

Lack of Enthusiasm Could Impact Voter Turnout

The considerable proportion of Democrats wanting a new candidate highlights a critical lack of enthusiasm for Biden’s campaign. One analyst remarked, "If 54 percent of his own Democrats want him replaced, that shows a lack of enthusiasm that will undoubtedly affect turnout for Joe Biden." This could pave the way for significant challenges in rallying a unified voter base.

This dissatisfaction is set against a backdrop where former President Donald Trump is actively campaigning, showing strong poll numbers. His disciplined approach in recent months has resonated with some voters, heightening the stakes for the Democratic campaign.

The analyst continued, "If Trump can get through the next five months without reminding millions of Americans why they hate him more than inflation or illegal immigration, he can win reelection." Thus, the political dynamics are becoming increasingly complex as both parties gear up for the election.

Potential Influence of External Factors

Despite the polling results, President Biden has confirmed his intention to run for a second term. "Biden is president. If he wants to run for reelection, and he does, he will, and no one can stop him." This assertion points to Biden’s firm stance amid growing internal party dissent.

External factors, such as Hunter Biden’s upcoming trial in Delaware, could also influence the political climate. This event might add to the public scrutiny of Biden’s administration, posing potential risks to his campaign momentum.


This Rasmussen poll reveals a significant internal conflict within the Democratic Party regarding President Joe Biden’s candidacy. With 54 percent of Democratic voters favoring a new candidate and no clear favorite emerging, the upcoming election could see unpredictable shifts. Ultimately, the Democratic Party’s ability to unify and mobilize its voter base amidst these challenges will be crucial in determining the election outcome.

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