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 June 29, 2024

Rachel Lindsay Learns of Divorce Filing by Bryan Abasolo via Text Message

Former Bachelorette notable Rachel Lindsay was stunned when her husband of four years, Bryan Abasolo, filed for divorce on January 2 and informed her of the fact through a text message.

The unexpected message led to heightened tension and conflicting demands in the legal and financial proceedings in which the reality television personalities are now involved, as PEOPLE reports.

Divorce Filing Comes as a Shock

Lindsay, 39, first learned about the divorce filing through a text message from Abasolo at 11:43 a.m. on January 2, shortly after he left their house. This revelation came as a complete surprise as the couple had previously discussed handling their divorce process amicably and discreetly.

Abasolo, 44, cited "irreconcilable differences" as the reason behind the split. Yet, the method of communication -- via text message -- left Lindsay in a state of disbelief.

"I discovered Bryan had filed for divorce on January 2 via text message," Lindsay said in her filing. She further elaborated that they had a conversation earlier in the kitchen where Abasolo failed to mention his intention of filing for divorce that very day.

Text Message Leads to Immediate Tension

In the text message, Abasolo wrote, "Hey...I just wanted to let you know that I officially filed." Lindsay's immediate response was, "Wait what?" signaling her confusion and shock. Following the news, Lindsay ceased sharing her location with Abasolo that same night. The filing had not only created emotional turmoil but also led to logistical and legal confrontations.

Abasolo's actions contradicted their previous discussions about settling the matter amicably. He insisted that all communication regarding the divorce proceedings go through their respective lawyers.

Financial Demands Heighten Tension

Beyond the emotional strain, financial tensions surfaced quickly. Abasolo requested emergency spousal support and $75,000 to cover his legal fees. This demand intensified the conflict between the two.

Lindsay accused Abasolo of being uninterested in resolving their issues amicably, stating, "[He] informed me in no uncertain terms that everything must go through lawyers." Living under the same roof has become "very awkward and strained," according to Abasolo, who expressed his desire to move out but cited financial constraints as a barrier.

Podcast Discussions Shed Light on Lindsay's Experience

Lindsay opened up about her challenging experience on her podcast, Higher Learning with Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay. She shared that she was "just trying to take it day by day," revealing the emotional toll that the divorce has taken on her. She also mentioned making efforts to settle the matter swiftly and amicably but noted that Abasolo was not interested in such discussions.

The podcast has provided Lindsay with a platform to navigate through this difficult phase publicly, while still maintaining a degree of composure and resilience.

Legal and Emotional Strain Continues

The living arrangement remains tense, as both parties are still residing in the same house. Abasolo's claim that he cannot afford to move out has added to the existing strain.

Lindsay's response to the divorce filing on June 26, nearly six months after the initial notice, highlights the ongoing and unresolving nature of their separation. Abasolo's request for spousal support and legal fees remains a contentious issue, further complicating an already strained relationship.

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