Written by Ashton Snyder on
 June 23, 2024

Rand Paul: Biden's Immigration Policies Endanger US Security

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) voiced strong criticism of President Joe Biden's immigration policies during a recent appearance on Fox News Channel's Hannity.

Paul argued that the criminal activities and potential terror threats posed by illegal immigrants should disqualify Biden from reelection, as Breitbart reports.

The lawmaker appeared on Hannity on Friday, expressing grave concerns about the immigration issue. He highlighted the risks associated with allowing individuals from various countries into the U.S., emphasizing potential terror threats and domestic criminal behavior.

Concerns Over Terror Threats

The senator mentioned that nearly 200 individuals from countries such as Tajikistan, Egypt, Tunisia, and China have entered the U.S. illegally. He noted that the sheer diversity of origins adds to the complexity of the threat landscape.

“I think terrorism is of great concern,” Paul said. He pointed out the risk posed by individuals coming from regions known for terrorist activity, stressing that it’s not only terrorism but also regular criminal behavior that is concerning. Paul also criticized the Biden administration for allowing individuals into the country who later committed crimes. He emphasized that images of these crimes would deeply disturb the American public.

Crimes Committed by Paroled Individuals

Paul expressed frustration with the administration’s policy of paroling individuals who then commit crimes in sanctuary cities led by Democrats. He argued that these cities do not share arrest records with immigration authorities, thereby preventing deportations.

“This is all on Biden’s shoulders,” Paul stated, referring to the administrative decisions that allowed these individuals into the country. He pointed to specific cases where individuals committed serious crimes after being paroled. Paul argued that the administration's leniency in handling these cases has led to preventable tragedies, placing the blame squarely on Biden's immigration policies.

Critique of Bipartisan Immigration Reform

Paul also criticized Biden's proposed bipartisan immigration reform, which would allow 2,500 people into the U.S. daily. He equated this to nearly 900,000 people annually, a figure he deemed unacceptable.

“Biden has the power to have zero,” Paul said, advocating for a policy starting at zero entries per day. He believes that a strict zero-tolerance policy would deter illegal immigration effectively.

The Republican senator compared Biden’s approach unfavorably to former President Donald Trump’s policies, suggesting that a more stringent approach would yield better results in controlling illegal immigration.

Call for Stricter Immigration Policies

Paul’s comments reflect a broader concern among some lawmakers about the perceived inadequacies of current immigration policies. His call for stricter measures highlights the ongoing debate over how best to secure the nation’s borders.

The legislator's stance is rooted in a belief that tougher policies will discourage illegal entry and reduce the associated risks. He advocates for immediate action to address these concerns.

In conclusion, Sen. Rand Paul’s appearance on Hannity underscored his belief that President Biden’s handling of immigration poses a significant threat to national security. He highlighted the potential terror threats and criminal activities associated with illegal immigrants and criticized the administration's policies for failing to address these issues effectively. Paul called for a zero-tolerance approach to immigration, arguing that this would deter illegal entry and enhance security.

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