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 June 25, 2024

Rep Carter Urges Biden To Take Cognitive Test

Rep. Earl "Buddy" Carter has called for President Biden to undergo a cognitive assessment amid concerns over his mental fitness.

This request comes after several incidents suggesting a cognitive decline in Biden, leading to political debate.

Fox News reported that Rep. Earl "Buddy" Carter wrote a letter to the White House urging President Biden to take a cognitive test. Carter's letter cites concerns about the President's ability to fulfill his duties.

Carter Cites Multiple Incidents

According to Carter, his request follows a report from The Wall Street Journal on Biden's cognitive performance in private meetings. The report mentioned specific instances such as Biden closing his eyes for long periods, speaking softly, and forgetting details about his energy policy.

Other incidents mentioned include Biden mixing up the names of two Hispanic cabinet secretaries in January and moving slowly during a meeting with congressional leaders. In February, Biden incorrectly stated he spoke with German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, who passed away in 2017, and former French President François Mitterrand, who died in 1996.

Biden has also stumbled multiple times while boarding Air Force One. Carter, a consultant pharmacist, compared these signs to those he has observed in nursing home patients.

White House Responds

The White House has dismissed previous criticisms of Biden's mental fitness as politically motivated. White House spokesman Andrew Bates described Biden as a "savvy and effective leader" with a strong record of legislative achievement.

Carter emphasized the importance of the President having strong cognitive abilities to safeguard American interests during crises. He believes transparency about the President's mental capabilities is crucial for the American people.

Several Republicans have increased pressure on Biden regarding his age and mental acuity ahead of the presidential election. Former President Trump has also faced criticism over his own mental fitness and has called for Biden to take a cognitive test.

Republicans Increase Pressure

During a Turning Point Action event, Trump mistakenly referred to Texas GOP Rep. Ronny Jackson as "Ronny Johnson." Jackson has called for Biden to take a cognitive test and plans to demand drug tests for Biden before and after the upcoming debate with Trump.

Carter's letter stresses the need for transparency about the President's mental health for the American people. "The American people deserve to know that the President can perform the duties of Head of State and Commander-in-Chief, and they deserve full transparency on the mental capabilities of their highest elected leader," he wrote.

Carter concluded his letter by urging President Biden to take a cognitive test immediately and publish the results. "The American people can no longer be left to wonder about their safety and security because of the President’s deteriorating mental state," Carter added.


Rep. Earl "Buddy" Carter has requested President Biden to take a cognitive assessment, citing concerns about his mental fitness. This follows various reports and incidents suggesting cognitive decline, sparking political debate. The White House has dismissed these concerns as politically motivated, maintaining that Biden is an effective leader.

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