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 July 9, 2024

Secret Service Chief Says Political Climate Changed Since 2020 Ahead Of RNC And DNC

The return of in-person Republican and Democratic national conventions for the first time since 2016 provides the Secret Service with a daunting task.

As reported by the Washington Examiner, the Secret Service director confessed that the current political environment is different from that of 2020, but the agency is ready to manage security for the upcoming RNC and DNC conventions.

The 2024 conventions mark the first in-person gatherings for Republicans and Democrats since 2016. The Secret Service is making extensive preparations, taking into account the heightened political polarization and incidents of civil unrest since the last full-scale conventions.

The Republican National Convention (RNC) is set to begin in Milwaukee in a week, followed by the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Chicago five weeks later. Previous conventions in 2020 were largely virtual, with limited in-person attendance due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Secret Service Sees Rising Challenges

Key events in the past few years have influenced current preparations. These include the summer 2020 civil unrest, the January 6 Capitol riot, and anti-Israel protests starting from October 7, 2023. These incidents have been factored into the comprehensive security strategies for the 2024 conventions.

Kimberly Cheatle, the Secret Service Director, emphasized the evolving political environment:

I think it plays into it. I think that the environment that we’re dealing with today is certainly different than it was four years ago. There’s nothing specific and nothing credible out there right now, but we are tracking all threat streams, and we certainly work with our partners at the FBI and other intelligence agencies that supply that information to us.

Protest Activity Anticipated

Protests are anticipated at both conventions. There are expectations of significant protests during the RNC in Milwaukee. Additionally, anti-Israel protesters have announced plans to gather in Chicago during the DNC.

The Secret Service is taking proactive measures to prevent any chaotic incidents reminiscent of the infamous 1968 DNC in Chicago. These preparations are intricately aligned with the modern political climate, ensuring safety and security.

Cheatle remained optimistic about the upcoming events. She stated she is “absolutely confident” that both conventions will proceed without major disturbances or incidents.

Nomination Acceptances and Concerns

The acceptance speeches will be a significant highlight of the conventions. Former President Donald Trump is expected to accept the GOP nomination on July 18. A few weeks later, President Joe Biden will likely accept the Democratic nomination on August 22.

Biden's potential nomination has sparked some concerns within the Democratic Party. Some Democrats are anxious due to his recent poor debate performance, which has led to discussions about his viability as the nominee.

Beyond the nominee's concerns, these conventions signal a resumed sense of normalcy in the political process. They serve as a critical platform for both parties to unite, strategize, and present their plans to the American public amidst a politically charged atmosphere.


As the RNC and DNC approach, all eyes will be on the thoroughness of the Secret Service’s preparations. With the heightened political tension and historical context, the aim is to carry out these significant events securely and smoothly. The in-person conventions stand as a testament to resilience in the face of political division. They also represent an opportunity for public engagement and democratic participation that previous years' restrictions had stifled.

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