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 June 29, 2024

Several Names Emerge as Potential Biden Replacements

Democrats are in turmoil following Joe Biden's highly questionable performance during a recent debate against Donald Trump, with concerns rising about his cognitive abilities.

The incident has overshadowed Trump’s legal troubles and sparked discussions about potential replacement candidates for the 2024 Democratic nomination, as Newsweek reports.

Biden's Debate Performance Causes Stir

At 81, Joe Biden appeared to lose his train of thought multiple times during Thursday night's debate with Donald Trump. This prompted John King, CNN's chief national correspondent, to state that it caused "panic" within the Democratic Party and led to widespread mockery on social media platforms.

A New York Times poll conducted in March revealed that 61 percent of Biden's voters from the 2020 election believe he is "just too old" to seek another term. This growing concern among his base only amplifies the issues surrounding his debate performance.

Calls For New Democratic Candidate

Democratic consultant Johanna Maska took to social media to express her concerns, posting a video urging the party to consider new candidates for the 2024 election. She stressed that the party has many suitable candidates on the sidelines. "We cannot do this, Democrats. Joe Biden can't put a sentence together. We have to change our candidate, and we have so many good candidates who are sitting on the sidelines," Maska stated.

This sentiment echoes the growing worry within the party about Biden's viability as a candidate, pushing discussions about potential replacements into the spotlight.

Potential Candidates Emerge

Newsweek has compiled a list of nine Democrats who could potentially become the party's nominee for the 2024 election. Among these names is Gov. Gavin Newsom of California, who has served as governor since January 2019. Vice President Kamala Harris, despite her poor approval ratings, is another prominent figure on this list. Harris, 59, previously served as a senator from California.

Former first lady Michelle Obama, although unlikely to run according to her office, has also been mentioned due to her widespread popularity and support. Her office has reiterated her support for Biden and Harris.

State Leaders and Political Veterans

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, who has served since 2019, is another key candidate. Whitmer's positions during the COVID-19 pandemic has brought her national recognition on the left. Hillary Rodham Clinton, the former secretary of State and 2016 presidential candidate, is also on the list. Despite her age, Clinton remains an influential figure within the party.

Gov. J.B. Pritzker of Illinois, serving since January 2019, and Gov. Josh Shapiro of Pennsylvania, who started his term in January 2023, also highlight the pool of state leaders. Both are recognized for their progressive policies and leadership.

Party Reactions and Statements

Newsom, when asked about the potential candidates, expressed his pride in the current president but refused to engage further, calling it a "non sequitur."

Michelle Obama's office responded to speculations by firmly stating that she would not run for president. "As former first lady, she has expressed several times over the years, she will not be running for president," they conveyed.

Clinton, ahead of the debate, suggested that attempting to refute Trump might be futile, indicating the unpredictable nature of his tactics. She noted, "It's nearly impossible to identify what his arguments even are." Even so, political observers learned long ago not to underestimate her hunger for the political spotlight, which could cause her to at least float the idea that she is ready to run for the top job once more.

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