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 June 13, 2024

Steve Bannon Stands Firm on Prison Stance

In a recent interview with Tucker Carlson, Steve Bannon stated he does not fear going to prison.

He faces a four-month sentence starting July 1 for defying a subpoena linked to the January 6 riot investigation.

According to Breitbart News, Bannon, a former adviser to former President Donald Trump, discussed his impending prison time during an interview on Carlson’s show. Despite his looming incarceration, Bannon is unrelenting in his mission, emphasizing his dedication to the country.

Appeals Court Upholds Conviction

A federal judge ordered Bannon to serve his sentence after a jury found him guilty in 2022. His conviction was delayed pending an appeal, but the appeals court recently upheld it. His legal team, led by attorney David Schoen, criticized the decision, calling it “wrong” and concerning for setting a dangerous precedent for criminal liability.

Bannon was convicted for defying a subpoena issued by the House committee investigating the January 6 Capitol riot, a misdemeanor he noted is rarely prosecuted.

Bannon also stressed that his imprisonment would not alter his life or mission, declaring, “Whatever it takes to win this revolution, we got to do.”

During the interview, Bannon highlighted his previous military service to frame his current predicament. He compared his time in the Navy to his upcoming prison time, asserting his willingness to serve his country under any circumstances. His firm stance emerged clearly when he stated, "I don’t fear going to prison." Bannon reiterated his dedication to his cause, even if it meant becoming a "political prisoner."

Political Implications and Broader Support

Bannon’s conviction and upcoming sentence are part of the broader context of investigations into the Trump administration. He pointed to former White House adviser Peter Navarro, noting he was the first to serve a similar sentence for contempt of Congress.

The former adviser has vocalized his opposition to what he describes as an “illegitimate regime” and “Neo-Marxists” within the government, framing his legal battles as part of a larger ideological struggle.

Bannon credited influential conservative voices, like Carlson, Alex Jones, and others, emphasizing their role in what he terms the ongoing "war." He calls for perseverance in their shared mission.

Reflecting on his decades of service, Bannon equated his prison time to his Navy days, asserting that his commitment to his cause is unwavering. He aims to continue fighting for what he believes is necessary to save the country.


As Bannon prepares to begin his sentence, his determination showcases his resilience. His message encourages his supporters to continue the fight, regardless of his physical presence.

Bannon may be stepping into prison, but his efforts and voice remain influential in the conservative movement. His declaration is a testament to his adherence to his principles and his strategy for future actions.

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