The acclaimed actor and director Kevin Costner made a striking impression at the Cannes Film Festival this year.

Kevin Costner, 69, attributes his youthful appearance to staying active with his children rather than plastic surgery. He mentioned that having three of his seven children in his 50s keeps him physically active.

According to Daily Mail, Costner’s new film, Horizon: An American Saga, premiered to a rousing ten-minute ovation, showcasing his enduring appeal and craftsmanship.

Costner's Youthful Appearance and Family Life

The Hollywood icon appeared alongside his 15-year-old son, Hayes Costner, donning a classic black tuxedo that complemented his full head of hair, trim physique, and signature mustache. Costner's appearance is frequently credited to his active lifestyle, particularly his hands-on parenting of seven children.

On social media, Kevin Costner has often expressed his views on aging, stating it brings more joy and opportunities to cherish life’s moments.

At Cannes, Costner was visibly moved by the impressive standing ovation. He responded with heartfelt thanks to the crowd, emphasizing the collective effort of his cast and crew.

Reflections on Filmmaking and Personal Achievements

The success of "Horizon: An American Saga" at Cannes marks it as Costner’s fourth directorial venture, following his long-established career in front of the camera. The film features a prominent ensemble cast, including Sienna Miller and Sam Worthington.

Costner shared his emotional journey through filmmaking, describing the release of his new film as a personal handover to the audience. This highlights the importance of films living beyond their box office debut.

Throughout his career, Kevin Costner has openly rejected the idea of plastic surgery, attributing his good health to natural living and the joy he derives from raising his children and playing sports.

Costner's Connection to Sports and Childhood

Kevin Costner’s love for sports began in his youth in Compton, California, where he played basketball, baseball, and American football. Costner has often recounted how these early experiences shaped his character and physical fitness.

Despite rumors of cosmetic procedures like a hair transplant, Costner has consistently denied these claims, focusing instead on a grounded, realistic approach to wellness and aging. In his heartfelt addresses, Kevin Costner has frequently reflected on the blessings of life and the importance of relentlessly pursuing one’s dreams.


As "Horizon: An American Saga" prepares for a wider release, Kevin Costner continues to engage with his audience, proving that his career is far from over. His latest directorial effort is a testament to his skills behind the camera and reflects his deep personal investment and belief in storytelling.

In conclusion, Kevin Costner’s presence at Cannes this year promoted his new film and showcased his enduring charm and philosophy of life and aging. The festival was just as much a personal triumph as it was a professional one, emphasizing his role not only as an artist but also as an inspirational figure in Hollywood.

An episode of Antiques Roadshow revealed a stunning appraisal of a cherished family heirloom. A guest on the popular PBS show discovered her great-grandfather’s painting, which is worth approximately $25,000.

Daily Mail reported that the painting in question, a picturesque depiction of mountains and a stream, has been part of the family for generations. Charles Rendell Mabey, a former governor of Utah, originally owned it.

A Closer Look at the Artistic Legacy of John Ferry

The artist behind this valuable piece is John Ferry, known for his vivid portrayals of the American West. Born to Hungarian parents in Austria, he studied art in Vienna and Munich before moving to the United States in 1883.

John Ferry's move to America began his lifelong fascination with Western landscapes. He is celebrated for his scenic depictions of Yellowstone and Glacier National Park.

In addition to natural landscapes, Ferry’s work included promotional art for the Great Northern Railway. His paintings helped attract visitors to explore the western United States.

The Historical Context of the Painting

The artwork "The Three Patriarchs Zion Canyon Utah" features three iconic cliffs in Zion National Park. It was painted in July 1920, when Ferry was living in Utah.

The back of the painting carries the inscription of its completion date, affirming its authenticity and historical value. The connection to Charles Rendell Mabey, a significant political figure, adds to its provenance.

Neither the guest nor her family were aware of the painting's significant worth until its recent appraisal on Antiques Roadshow.

Public and Personal Reactions to the Appraisal

Debra Force, the show’s host and an expert in art history, informed the guest of the painting’s potential gallery price, which left her momentarily speechless. Upon hearing the valuation, the guest's reaction shifted from shock to a pleased grin.

During the episode, Force elaborated on Ferry's artistic significance and the desirability of his work in today’s art market. She remarked on his status as a sought-after artist for collectors, particularly for his Montana scenes, although this particular piece depicted Utah’s landscape.

The revelation has sparked an interest in the guest to further explore John Ferry’s oeuvre online, seeking to understand more about other works by the artist.

Reflections on an Artistic Treasure

This unexpected valuation highlights the often-overlooked stories behind family heirlooms. It brings to light the historical and cultural significance of such pieces, not only as art but as keepers of personal and public history.

As art and history intertwine, each piece, like the one owned by Mabey's great-granddaughter, carries a narrative that resonates through generations. This story serves as a reminder of the treasures that may be hidden in plain sight, waiting to be rediscovered and appreciated anew.

In an unusual wildlife management incident, officials in Golden, Colorado, turned to heavy metal music in an attempt to manage a stubborn black bear.

The bear had climbed a tree in a residential neighborhood, sparking a unique response from the local rangers, who decided to blast Ozzy Osbourne music to little effect, as Fox News reports.

After a prolonged six-hour vigil, the bear descended only when the area quieted down at night. The saga began near the Colorado School of Mines when a black bear was spotted after rummaging through local trash bins. Colorado Parks and Wildlife rangers were dispatched to handle the situation.

Unconventional Methods to Encourage Bear's Descent

Initial efforts to coax the bear down were futile. As the bear made its way down, it simply climbed up another nearby tree, despite rangers’ attempts to guide it toward nearby wilderness.

The Golden Police Department stepped in with a drone to create unfamiliar noises aimed at dislodging the bear. However, the drone only mildly annoyed the animal, failing to achieve its intended effect.

With the drone deemed ineffective, rangers switched tactics by playing "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath from a loudspeaker. This unconventional method was met with humor from the rangers, who later remarked, "Black bears don’t mind Black Sabbath."

Community Engagement and Wildlife Precautions

Despite the loud music, the bear remained in its arboreal refuge, unaffected by Ozzy Osbourne’s iconic tracks. Rangers had predicted this stubbornness, anticipating that the bear would not move until darkness fell and human activity diminished.

True to their predictions, the bear finally climbed down from the tree at night when the area was nearly deserted, ending the day-long standoff. Following the incident, wildlife officials took the opportunity to remind the public about the importance of securing trash. They advised residents to keep trash bins indoors until the morning of collection to prevent such encounters.

A Humorous Take on a Hairy Situation

Throughout the event, the sense of humor among the wildlife officials was evident. "Why bear, why," the rangers joked as they dealt with the unpredictable nature of their task. A bystander captured a video of the scene, where someone quipped, "Now, if he starts banging his head, we’ve got a problem," adding a lighter note to the tense situation.

These humorous exchanges highlight the lighter side of wildlife management, even in potentially dangerous situations. It also underscores the creativity and patience required from those who manage human-wildlife interactions.

As the bear ambled back into the wilderness, it left behind a story that captured the community's attention and offered a unique perspective on the challenges of wildlife management. The incident served as a reminder of the delicate balance between human settlements and wildlife habitats.

Reflections on a Day of Bear Diplomacy and Rock 'n' Roll

This event not only provided an amusing anecdote for the town of Golden but also emphasized the ongoing need for awareness and proactive measures to ensure both wildlife and human communities can coexist peacefully. By using innovative, albeit unsuccessful methods like music, the rangers demonstrated adaptability in the face of unyielding wildlife behavior.

The encounter between Colorado’s wildlife rangers and a single black bear illustrates the unpredictable nature of wildlife management. It also serves as a testament to the dedication of those tasked with maintaining safety and harmony in our communities.

Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, is bracing for significant legal hurdles with two high-profile trials scheduled for next month.

These include charges related to illegal gun possession and tax evasion, both of which carry potential prison sentences, and the trials are poised to unfold as his father campaigns for re-election, a scenario fraught with potential political fallout, as the Daily Mail reports.

In Delaware, Hunter is accused of three counts pertaining to the unlawful acquisition and possession of a firearm. These charges could lead to as much as 25 years in prison. The trial, scheduled to commence on June 3, is expected to last nine days, according to U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika.

On the tax front, Hunter faces a separate trial in California starting June 20, where he is charged with nine tax-related offenses, both felonies and misdemeanors.

If convicted, the penalties could extend up to 17 years. Allegations suggest that he failed to pay $1.4 million in taxes from 2016 to 2019, reportedly spending heavily on drugs and alcohol instead.

Political and Personal Repercussions Loom Large

The trials unfold against the backdrop of President Joe Biden's re-election campaign, intertwining personal legal issues with public political narratives. Hunter Biden has become the first child of a sitting president to face indictment, adding to the gravity of his legal battles.

Special counsel David Weiss, who brought the gun charges against Hunter in September, has been at the center of intense political scrutiny. Attempts to dismiss both the gun and tax cases have failed, with courts allowing the trials to proceed.

Amid these challenges, Hunter Biden's financial patron, Kevin Morris, who had previously contributed over $6.5 million towards his legal defenses, has ceased his financial support. This development comes at a time when Hunter's legal needs are perhaps most acute.

Implications for the Biden Family and Presidential Campaign

The intertwining of legal and electoral timelines has placed significant strain on President Biden and his aides, with concerns about how these trials might impact the broader political landscape. During the 2020 campaign, President Biden expressed support for his son, asserting his pride in Hunter's efforts to overcome his struggles with addiction.

These legal proceedings not only stress the Biden family but also feed into the larger narrative of legal accountability involving high-profile political figures, including Donald Trump. Trump himself faces a series of legal challenges, including charges related to business practices and election interference, although trial dates for these are yet to be determined.

As Hunter faces these legal battles, the political repercussions resonate not only within the immediate Biden family but across the broader American political scene. The situation underscores the complex interplay between personal actions and public service, particularly poignant in an era of heightened political accountability.

In sum, as the legal cases against Hunter Biden progress, they not only challenge his personal liberty but also test the resilience and focus of President Joe Biden's administration during a critical re-election period.

The outcomes of these trials could profoundly influence public perception and political fortunes, highlighting the ever-blurring lines between personal trials and public tribulations in American politics.

Grant DeYoung, a grocery clerk from Prescott, Arizona, stunned Jeopardy! host Ken Jennings with a shocking on-air confession.

He revealed that he was hit by a car while receiving a text confirming his spot on the hit game show. Despite the accident, DeYoung went on to win the Jeopardy! episode, earning $25,601.

According to Daily Mail, the car accident occurred as DeYoung was checking a text message confirming his participation in Jeopardy! Engrossed in the news excitement, he didn't even notice the impact.

Staying Focused Amid Chaos

“A car hit you while you were getting the text?” Jennings asked in disbelief. DeYoung affirmed, explaining how he was so absorbed in the moment that he didn’t register the accident. People around him later informed him of the collision, but DeYoung was still fixated on his phone, staring at the message.

DeYoung reassured Jennings that he was fine, although his car needed repairs. The unusual circumstances didn't hinder his performance on the show, where he emerged as the champion with a total of $25,601 in winnings.

New Jeopardy! Spinoff on Amazon Prime

In other Jeopardy! news, a new spinoff titled "Pop Culture Jeopardy" is set to debut on Amazon Prime. This marks the first time the iconic franchise will be featured on a streaming service. The spinoff will center on pop culture topics, including music, films, TV shows, and sports.

Contestants in "Pop Culture Jeopardy" will compete in three teams, vying for the ultimate prize. The exact premiere date has yet to be announced, but the show will be available in over 240 countries.

Lauren Anderson from Amazon MGM Studios expressed excitement about the new venture. She emphasized that the spinoff represents a cultural moment for the Jeopardy! franchise, expanding its reach and engaging a broader audience through streaming.

High Hopes for Pop Culture Jeopardy!

Suzanne Prete, president of game shows at Sony Pictures Television, shared her enthusiasm for the collaboration with Amazon. She highlighted the innovative nature of "Pop Culture Jeopardy!" and its potential to captivate both long-time viewers and new fans alike.

“With Michael Davies at the helm, Pop Culture Jeopardy! is going to be a nail-biter for game show enthusiasts,” Prete said. She described the spinoff as a combination of high-level Jeopardy! competition and a fresh twist of pop culture challenges, promising an engaging experience for all viewers.

Conclusion: A Memorable Episode and Exciting Future

Grant DeYoung’s shocking confession on Jeopardy! captivated audiences and host Ken Jennings alike. His story of being hit by a car while receiving the text about his spot on the show highlighted his unwavering focus and enthusiasm.

Meanwhile, the announcement of "Pop Culture Jeopardy!" on Amazon Prime promises to bring a new dimension to the beloved game show. With its focus on pop culture and team competition, the spinoff is set to attract a wide range of viewers across the globe.

Fans of Jeopardy! can look forward to an exciting future as the franchise continues to innovate and expand its reach. The collaboration with Amazon marks a significant milestone, ensuring that Jeopardy! remains a staple in the world of game shows for years to come.

In a report from Daily Mail, a former waitress revealed the highs and lows of working at Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump's exclusive club.

Ashleigh Sasson, who worked at Mar-a-Lago from January 2016 to May 2018, shared insights into the luxuries, challenges, and interactions with the Trump family and celebrity guests.

Sasson was initially hired by a Mar-a-Lago chef who noticed her dedication at a small beef and burger joint. Her roles at the club were diverse, ranging from server to bartender during major events and assisting with valet and reservations.

Lucrative Tipping Culture

During peak season, Sasson served up to 300 people daily, financially rewarding the job. She noted, "We made great money," with each server taking home around $150 cash on average and some earning significantly more from generous members. The largest tip she received was $800, while the highest she witnessed was $1,200 on Easter Sunday.

The Trump family did not tip, as they were never given checks for their meals. Instead, they showed their gratitude through verbal appreciation. Sasson recounted, "Though the Trump family never saw a check, they were very gracious with their gratitude in the form of verbal appreciation and respect."

Interactions with the Trump Family

Sasson's interactions with Donald Trump decreased after his election in November 2016, as he rarely visited the club. However, she frequently saw his children and their families dining, each with specific food preferences. She particularly recalled seeing Barron Trump playing soccer around the property with his grandmother, Amalija Knavs.

One notable incident involved Donald Trump Jr. rescuing a distressed paraglider by retrieving his lost board. "He didn't have to do that," Sasson remarked, highlighting the unexpected act of kindness.

Celebrities and High Standards

Mar-a-Lago hosts many celebrities, including Sylvester Stallone, Pitbull, Rod Stewart, Wynonna Judd, and local politicians. The club features top-notch amenities, with staff expected to maintain high standards of cleanliness and service. Sasson described the equipment as "the best pots and pans, the best cutlery and plates and wine glasses, the best espresso machine."

Despite the luxury, Sasson faced several distasteful moments, including a guest attempting to pull her into a hot tub. She revealed that entitlement was a prevalent issue among some guests. "There were plenty of distasteful moments there, which made me a stronger person," she admitted.

Professional Growth and Challenges

Despite the challenges, Sasson valued the customer service skills and relationships she developed at Mar-a-Lago. "I feel that I learned customer service top to bottom," she concluded.

Working at the club also allowed her to establish professional but close relationships with the social elite, giving her confidence and professionalism.

Sasson reflected fondly on her time at Mar-a-Lago, stating, "Most of all: Joy. I have such fond memories of my time at Mar-a-Lago. Everyone was so excited and happy to be there, and we were all so in awe of the place."

Ashleigh Sasson's experiences at Mar-a-Lago provide a unique glimpse into the inner workings of Donald Trump's exclusive club. From generous tips to encounters with celebrities and the Trump family, her time there was marked by luxuries and challenges. Despite facing some distasteful moments, Sasson emerged with valuable skills and fond memories of her time serving the elite.

Cindy Crawford recently opened up about the profound emotional impact of losing her brother Jeffrey, who died of leukemia at the age of 3, during an appearance on the “Kelly Corrigan Wonders” podcast.

The supermodel revealed the survivor guilt she and her sisters experienced and shared insights from her journey of dealing with the loss.

According to Page Six, Jeffrey Crawford's death at the age of 3 left a lasting impact on his sisters, especially Cindy Crawford, who recently spoke about their survivor guilt.

Crawford, now 58, detailed the emotional turmoil she faced after her brother's passing. She and her sisters, Chris and Danielle, were deeply affected by Jeffrey’s death, which occurred when Cindy was just 9 years old.

During the podcast, Crawford reflected on the heavy burden of guilt that the family carried, particularly because their father, John Crawford, had a strong desire for a son. This desire intensified the siblings' feelings of survivor guilt, as they believed their father would have preferred any one of them to have passed instead of Jeffrey.

Cindy Crawford’s Early Struggles with Grief

The supermodel’s father’s longing for a son exacerbated the family's emotional struggle. "There’s like that survivor guilt of the other kids and especially because we knew that my dad really wanted a boy. We felt like, ‘Well, it should’ve been one of us,'" she said.

Crawford also touched upon how she and her sisters processed their grief in their youth. The nightmares they experienced were a shared and unsettling reminder of their loss, with each sister feeling the weight of the survivor's guilt.

Therapy and Reflective Coaching During COVID

Crawford sought therapy to manage the emotional trauma from her brother's death. The journey towards healing continued into recent years, particularly during the Covid pandemic. She engaged in coaching, which allowed her to reflect deeply on her needs during that difficult period.

"Just recently, I was doing some coaching through Covid. I actually had time to do real work, and I realized that one of the questions the coach asked me was something like, ‘What did you need to hear at that time that you didn’t hear?’ and I realized," Crawford shared, emphasizing the importance of addressing unspoken emotional needs.

This period of introspection helped Crawford confront and understand her long-standing feelings of guilt and loss. The coaching provided a space for her to process unresolved emotions from her childhood.

The Challenges of Returning to Normalcy

Returning to school after Jeffrey’s death was another significant challenge for young Cindy. She recounted how only one classmate mentioned her brother’s death and in a rather blunt manner. “I remember when I went back to school after my brother died, not one person said one thing to me, no kidding, except for one kid who was like, ‘I saw in the paper your brother’s dead. Is that true?’”

The insensitivity of this comment highlighted the difficulty children have in addressing such serious topics. "I was like, ‘Whoa.’ It was so in your face, but he didn’t know what to say. We were in third grade," Crawford recalled.

In conclusion, Cindy Crawford's recent podcast appearance sheds light on the long-lasting impact of her brother Jeffrey’s death. Her story of navigating survivor guilt, seeking therapy, and reflecting on her emotional needs during the COVID pandemic provides a powerful narrative of resilience and the importance of addressing grief openly and honestly.

Michael Cohen, former attorney to Donald Trump, revealed that he secretly recorded Trump discussing a payment to David Pecker in the lead-up to the 2016 election.

This revelation is part of a larger case involving the alleged falsification of business records related to payments made to suppress claims of Trump's extramarital affairs.

According to Fox News, Cohen stated that he recorded Trump on his iPhone on September 6, 2016. The conversation involved a discussion about a payment to former National Enquirer publisher David Pecker.

Pecker had paid $150,000 to former Playboy model Karen McDougal to purchase and suppress her story about an affair with Trump.

Cohen's Secret Recording Details

Cohen recorded the conversation to prove Trump planned to repay Pecker and to ensure Pecker's loyalty. In the recording, Trump asks, "So what do we got to pay for this? One-fifty?" Cohen argued that Trump knew about the payment and had agreed to it. He testified that he had made the recording while sitting across from Trump, who was unaware of it being recorded.

The case involves allegations that Trump falsified business records, with payments to Stormy Daniels logged as legal expenses. Trump has pleaded not guilty in the case.

Stormy Daniels testified about her alleged affair with Trump in 2006 and her entry into the pornography business. Legal experts criticized the relevance of Daniels' testimony to the case.

Responses from Legal Experts and Political Figures

Trump's legal team motioned twice for a mistrial, both denied by Judge Juan Merchan. Republican Sen. JD Vance attended the court with Trump and criticized Cohen on social media. "Michael Cohen admitting he secretly recorded his employer. Just totally normal conduct, right? The best part is he said he did it only once and only for Trump’s benefit. A standup guy!" Vance posted on X.

Vance and other Republicans condemned Cohen's credibility and testimony. "This guy is a convict and felon who admitted in his testimony that he secretly recorded his former employer, that he only did it once, allegedly, and that this was supposed to help Donald Trump. Does any reasonable, sensible person believe anything that Michael Cohen says? I don't think that they should," Vance said.

Cohen's Public Comments and Judge's Instructions

Since no longer serving as Trump's attorney, Cohen has been vocal in his criticism of Trump. "Trump 2024?" Cohen said in a TikTok video last month. It's more like Trump 20-24 years." Judge Merchan instructed prosecutors to tell Cohen to stop making public comments about the case.

This case highlights the ongoing legal battles surrounding Donald Trump and the testimonies of those once close to him. Cohen's secret recording adds a complex layer to the allegations of falsified business records and the broader implications for Trump's legal troubles.


Michael Cohen's testimony revealed that he secretly recorded a conversation with Donald Trump in September 2016, discussing a payment to David Pecker.

This is part of a case alleging that Trump falsified business records to hide payments made to suppress stories about his extramarital affairs. Trump's legal team, supported by Republican Sen. JD Vance, has criticized Cohen's credibility and testimony.

From burgers to banquets, one server's journey through the hospitality industry is both inspiring and enlightening.

According to a Newsweek report, Ashleigh Sasson shared her experience working at Mar-a-Lago and described the Trump family as lovely people.

Initially a dedicated employee at Duffy's, a popular burger spot in Palm Beach, Florida, the individual caught the eye of a visiting chef from Mar-a-Lago.

Recognizing the server's diligence, the chef extended an invitation to consider a position at the more prestigious club. Despite initial doubts about their qualifications, encouragement from colleagues led them to pursue this unexpected opportunity.

A New Chapter At The Prestigious Club

Upon being hired at Mar-a-Lago, the server quickly adapted to the upscale environment, eventually expanding their role to include front server and bartender duties. Their responsibilities covered serving meals directly to the Trump family and their guests, managing reservations, and providing service at various events hosted at the club.

The Beach Club at Mar-a-Lago, reminiscent of Duffy's relaxed atmosphere yet set against an ocean backdrop, became a favored workplace.

The server fondly recalled, "I loved it there. It had that similar beer and burger vibe I was used to at Duffy's, and it was oceanside. I would take pictures of the beautiful scenery. I get goosebumps just thinking about it now."

Interactions With Celebrities And Notables

The server encountered numerous celebrities throughout their tenure, including Sylvester Stallone, Pitbull, Rod Stewart, Wynonna Judd, and motivational speaker Nick Vujicic.

A particularly memorable event was Wynonna Judd's charity gala performance for orphans, an occasion that held significant personal meaning for her.

The Trump family themselves made a positive impression on the server. Donald Trump, the former president, was described as "very professional, always smiling, kind, and generous," and it was clear that their interactions left a lasting positive impact. The opportunity to observe and interact with such a wide array of high-profile individuals greatly enhanced the server's professional experience.

Learning And Growing In Hospitality

Working at Mar-a-Lago was not without its challenges. The server recounted an uncomfortable incident where a guest behaved inappropriately. However, these experiences were exceptions in an otherwise enriching career that included peak seasons bustling with guests and the chance to earn substantial tips.

One of the most lucrative evenings resulted in an $800 tip, setting a personal record for the server. Such financial rewards were complemented by the club's high standards of equipment and service, described as "the best pots and pans, the best cutlery and plates and wine glasses, the best espresso machine—everything was top-notch."

This narrative of professional growth and personal encounters at Mar-a-Lago highlights a unique aspect of the hospitality industry, where hard work can lead to remarkable opportunities and interactions. The server's journey from a local burger joint to a prestigious club not only enhanced their customer service skills but also enriched their personal experiences, bridging worlds between everyday patrons and the social elite.

In a revealing court declaration, a former security staff member has implicated actress Angelina Jolie in a scheme that allegedly discourages her children from visiting Brad Pitt.

This accusation emerges amid a fierce legal tussle over the ownership of Château Miraval, a winery the couple purchased together in 2008, as Fox News reports.

The legal wrangling involves allegations of manipulated non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and attempts to obstruct testimony concerning the couple’s children during custody proceedings.

The former security guard, Tony Webb of SRS Global, submitted a 12-page statement to the Los Angeles County Superior Court. His declaration sheds light on the intense disputes between Jolie and Pitt, not just over their business interests but also regarding the upbringing of their children.

NDAs at the Heart of the Controversy

Pitt has demanded that Jolie sign a comprehensive NDA. Jolie opposes this, claiming it aims to conceal Pitt’s alleged past abusive behavior. In a countermove, Pitt has requested Jolie disclose all NDAs she has executed to show her alleged misuse of such agreements to influence their legal battle.

According to Webb, Michael Vieira, an aide to Jolie, contacted him to prevent two security personnel from testifying about their observations during custody visits. Webb’s declaration states that Vieira invoked the NDAs the guards had signed with Jolie and threatened legal consequences if they breached these agreements.

Ross Foster, one of the implicated security guards, declared his willingness to testify if subpoenaed, indicating he would disregard the NDA to share his firsthand account of Jolie’s interactions with her children.

Allegations of Family Manipulation Surface

“Mr. Foster was ready to discuss the guidance Ms. Jolie gave her children, which was essentially to keep their distance from Mr. Pitt during his visits,” Webb documented in his declaration. This accusation adds a layer of complexity to the already convoluted custody and legal disputes between the estranged couple.

Paul Murphy, Jolie's lawyer, criticizes Pitt’s insistence on an expanded NDA. He describes it as an attempt to continue covering up what he refers to as Pitt’s "deplorable actions."

Jolie’s legal team emphasizes her desire for a peaceful and healthy separation, fostering positive relationships among all family members, including Pitt. Her lawyer expresses hope for a resolution that allows Pitt to move on from the marriage and litigation.

Financial Disputes Over Château Miraval

The couple’s business entanglements complicate their personal and legal conflicts. After attempting to sell her share in 2021, Jolie’s company has accused Pitt of retaliatory financial mismanagement of Château Miraval.

The allegations from both sides reveal a deep-seated battle over control and transparency, not just in terms of their business ventures but also in how they handle their separation and the sensitive issues surrounding their children.

In conclusion, the multifaceted legal battle between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt encompasses a complex mix of allegations involving encouragement of estrangement, misuse of legal agreements, and disputes over business assets. The ongoing court proceedings continue to unveil the depths of the discord underlying what was once one of Hollywood’s most high-profile partnerships.

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