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 May 23, 2024

Ted Baker Closes All U.S. Stores Amid Retail Crisis

Due to financial troubles, British designer Ted Baker will shut down all 31 of its U.S. stores. The closures come after the company's Chapter 15 bankruptcy filing last month, impacting approximately 600 employees across North America.

According to Daily Mail, the decision to shutter the U.S. locations comes from similar bankruptcy proceedings in Canada and the UK. Authentic Brands Group, which acquired Ted Baker in 2022, played a significant role in these developments by halting supplier payments, exacerbating the financial instability.

Customers in North America and Canada have a final opportunity to purchase clearance items with up to 30 percent discounts as the luxury brand winds down its operations in the regions. These sales precede the final closure of all 31 U.S. stores, which include prime locations such as three in New York and one in San Francisco's Westfield Mall. An additional nine stores will close in Canada.

Impact On Employees And Broader Trends

The closure of these stores will directly affect approximately 600 employees across North America. This move is part of a larger, troubling trend in the retail industry known as the 'retail apocalypse,' which has seen numerous brick-and-mortar stores across various brands shut their doors due to shifting consumer habits and economic pressures.

Ted Baker was founded in 1988 in Glasgow by Ray Kelvin, who resigned in 2019 under a cloud of allegations of misconduct, including inappropriate physical contact with female employees. Kelvin had been instrumental in the company's growth, leading it for 32 years before his departure.

John McNamara, chief strategy and transition officer for Authentic Brands Group, expressed regret over the outcome, stating, "We wish that there could’ve been a better outcome for the Ted Baker employees and stakeholders."

The Role Of Authentic Brands Group

Authentic Brands Group, which owns popular brands such as Juicy Couture and Reebok, acquired Ted Baker's intellectual property in 2022. The financial struggles and ensuing bankruptcy filings have overshadowed Authentic Brands Group's efforts to maintain the British brand's market presence in North America.

Despite the store closures, ongoing discussions with potential UK and European operating partners offer a glimmer of hope for the brand's revival. Benji Dymant, joint administrator, remains optimistic, saying:

Ted Baker is an iconic British brand with strong partners around the world. These store closures, whilst having a regrettable impact on valued team members, will improve the performance of the business.

Future Prospects And Market Reaction

The store closures come amid a turbulent time for the retail industry, where even well-established brands are not immune to the market's changing tides. While the immediate impact is a blow to employees and shoppers in North America and Canada, the potential for new partnerships in the UK and Europe leaves room for future recovery.

With Ted Baker's physical presence dwindling in North America, the company's next steps will likely focus on leveraging digital platforms and exploring international partnerships to navigate the challenging retail landscape.

The broader trend of store closures and bankruptcies in the retail sector continues to serve as a stark reminder of the economic shifts and changing consumer preferences that challenge traditional business models.

As Ted Baker works through its financial difficulties, the brand's iconic status and enduring appeal offer it a foundation on which to rebuild, provided that new strategic partnerships can be successfully forged.


Ted Baker's iconic status offers a foundation for rebuilding despite financial difficulties and the closure of all 31 U.S. stores, affecting about 600 employees. The closures, influenced by Authentic Brands Group's decisions, reflect a broader trend of retail shutdowns. Ted Baker's future now relies on potential partnerships in Europe as it winds down North American operations.

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