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 June 26, 2024

Tense Moments For Visitors On Roaring Rapids Ride As Six Flags Malfunction Forces Escape

A thrilling day at Six Flags Over Texas turned chaotic when the Roaring Rapids ride malfunctioned, endangering visitors.

According to Daily Mail, the malfunction led to a pile-up of rafts on the popular attraction, resulting in riders having to swim safely.

A video posted on TikTok on Sunday depicted the alarming scene on the Roaring Rapids ride in Arlington, Texas. Four rafts became entangled, and a subsequent collision of a fifth raft exacerbated the danger. This incident forced riders to take drastic measures.

Visitors Face Peril As Rafts Collide

As per the footage, an employee attempted to secure one of the rafts but struggled as it was swept away. This forced the passengers into the water amid the turbulent conditions.

One particularly harrowing moment involved a young boy struggling to reach safety. He was assisted by another man who bravely fought the rushing water to help him.

The boy and two adults managed to climb onto the pier thoroughly soaked. Meanwhile, other rafts continued to move precariously around them.

Park's Response To The Dangerous Situation

As the incident unfolded, a quick-acting employee arrived with flotation devices, helping ensure the riders’ safety. Fortunately, no injuries were reported.

A Six Flags spokesperson confirmed one of the rafts had indeed gotten stuck. The spokesperson said, "Guests were told to remain seated in the raft while the ride was restarted. All guests safely exited the ride and there were no injuries." Comments from viewers suggested such malfunctions are a recurring issue with this particular ride.

Concerns Raised Over Ride Safety

Adding to the riders' anxieties, user Megan Burnett recounted a similar experience. She said, "That happened to us on the same ride. We sat there while they drained the water, and we had to walk out."

Other comments reflected a general perception of the ride’s hazardous nature. One user described the ride as "a death trap once it flips" and expressed a strong aversion to riding it again.

Concerns about the safety of water rides are not unfounded. A tragic incident in Iowa in July 2021 was cited. In that incident, a similar ride malfunction led to the death of an 11-year-old boy and severe injury to his older brother.

Historical Context Of Ride Malfunctions

The family in the Iowa accident filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Adventureland, the water park where the incident occurred. The case drew national attention to the safety hazards posed by such rides.

Though the Six Flags incident did not result in physical harm, it has raised substantial concerns about ride safety. As such, park-goers and officials alike are likely to scrutinize safety protocols more closely in the future.

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