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 June 19, 2024

Texas Man Sentenced For Threatening Maxine Waters

Brian Michael Gaherty of Houston received a 33-month federal prison sentence for making multiple violent threats to Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) in 2022.

Breitbart News reported that Gaherty was fined $10,000 for making multiple phone calls threatening the life of Representative Waters. These threats, which started in August 2022, persisted even after law enforcement got involved.

In January, Gaherty admitted guilt to one count of threatening a United States official. His actions were intended to intimidate and disrupt Representative Waters in her congressional responsibilities.

Extended Threatening Behavior Despite Warnings

Gaherty's actions drew law enforcement's attention when he left a voicemail threatening to "put a cap" between Waters' eyes, "stomp" her, and "cut [her] throat." He also claimed that he had a "contract" on her life.

Law enforcement contacted Gaherty in October 2022, warning him to cease his threatening actions. However, he disregarded this warning and continued his threats, leading to more alarming voicemails in November 2022.

In his November voicemails, Gaherty told Waters she would meet him "on the street," threatened to "get in [her] face," and emphasized the severity of his threats by referring to them as a "promise" rather than a mere threat.

Federal Indictment And Response

This persistent behavior led to a federal grand jury's indictment in April 2023. Gaherty faced four counts of making interstate threats and four counts of threatening a U.S. official.

Gaherty admitted to making threats of assault and murder against Waters on four occasions in August and November 2022. The threats created an environment of fear and intended to disrupt Waters from fulfilling her duties as an elected official.

U.S. Attorney Martin Estrada stressed the importance of combating such threats. Estrada emphasized that threats undermining the safety of elected officials and democracy "must not – and will not – be tolerated."

Detailed Threats Recounted

In August 2022, a terrifying voicemail to Waters’ office included threats to "put a cap" between her eyes, among other violent imagery. Gaherty insisted that Waters "better move" due to a supposed "contract" on her life.

Despite authorities contacting Gaherty and warning him in October, he proceeded with further threats in November 2022. Gaherty emphatically communicated that Waters had "done [expletive] up" by reporting his threats, and claimed his threats were a "promise."

Gaherty's threats to meet Waters "on the street" and "get in [her] face," along with claims of a "contract" to "take [her]... out," highlighted the intensity and persistence of his intentions.


Brian Michael Gaherty's sentencing to 33 months in federal prison for threatening Rep. Maxine Waters signifies a stringent stance against such egregious behavior. His persistent threats continued even after law enforcement intervention, emphasizing the seriousness of his actions. This verdict reiterates the commitment of the judicial system to maintain the safety and respect for the roles of public officials by deterring violent threats against them.

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