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 May 29, 2024

Trump Calls For Arrest Of Counsel Jack Smith After Controversial Evidence Handling

Former President Donald Trump is urging the Biden administration’s Justice Department to take legal action against special counsel Jack Smith following a recent court filing that has sparked controversy.

According to Conservative Brief, the filing revealed that some evidence in the classified documents case is no longer in its "original, intact" form, leading to a backlash from Trump.

Trump Pressures Biden’s Justice Department

The situation erupted after U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon was informed that some evidence seized by the FBI from Trump’s Florida resort in August 2022 had not remained in its original condition. According to the filing, the order of items within some of the boxes did not correspond with digital scans.

This admission has caused a significant outcry from Trump, who took to his social media platform, Truth Social, to express his frustrations. Trump labeled Smith as a “criminal” and demanded his immediate arrest.

Prosecutors’ Admission Sparks Controversy

In the recent court filing, Smith’s prosecutors admitted that the condition of the evidence boxes had changed. The government’s initial statements to the court had indicated that only classified documents were removed with placeholders inserted. Neither the physical handling nor the order of items within the boxes was supposed to alter.

The inconsistency was brought to light as the court considered defendant Walt Nauta's request for additional time to organize and review the documents involved in the case. Legal experts have voiced concerns about the disordered state of the boxes, indicating it could pose challenges for the prosecution.

The Justice Department prosecutors provided explanations for the discrepancies, stating that various personnel had accessed the boxes for investigative purposes and to comply with court orders. However, these statements did little to mitigate the scrutiny surrounding the case.

Details Of Evidence Handling Released

The government acknowledged that the current state of the boxes was inconsistent with what had been previously understood and represented to the court. This led to concerns that the boxes were not preserved properly, potentially violating court rules on evidence handling.

Prosecutors explained that items, such as index cards and books within the boxes, could have shifted due to their size and handling during transport. They noted that many boxes were not full, which may have caused the movement of the smaller items.

Trump’s Response To The Filing

Trump responded heatedly to the filing, reiterating his claims on Truth Social that the classified documents case was a politically motivated “scam.” He accused Smith and his team of tampering with evidence and mishandling the boxes used as evidence against him.

Trump described the legal actions as part of a broader campaign against him, calling for the end of what he termed the “Boxes Hoaxes” and labeling the entire investigation a "Witch Hunt."

The former president has consistently argued that the investigation attempts to interfere with his political ambitions, particularly his prospective run for the 2024 presidential election.


The recent court developments have exposed problems with how evidence has been handled in the case against Trump, leading him to call for legal action against special counsel Jack Smith. The disclosure that some of the evidence is not in its original form has fueled debates and concerns about the integrity of the evidence, which is crucial for both the prosecution and the defense. This situation has heightened national interest in the case, reflecting wider issues related to judicial conduct and the influence of partisan politics.

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