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 May 19, 2024

Trump Case Lacks Foundation, Claims Ex-Cohen Advisor

In a striking critique of the New York v. Trump prosecution, Robert Costello, who previously advised former Trump fixer Michael Cohen, has come forward with claims that challenge the foundational integrity of the case.

Costello describes the case against former President Donald Trump as fundamentally flawed and lacking in evidence, as Fox News reports.

During a recent appearance on America's Newsroom, Costello conveyed serious doubts about the evidence presented by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg's team. He emphasized that critical exculpatory information he provided was overlooked, which could have impacted the grand jury's understanding of the case.

Costello, no longer bound by attorney-client confidentiality with Cohen, expressed his willingness to testify, suggesting it could only benefit Trump's defense. This statement arises amid speculation that Trump's legal team might summon him to challenge the credibility of Cohen, whose testimony forms a cornerstone of the prosecution's case.

Inside Look at Grand Jury Proceedings

Further complicating matters, Costello raised concerns about potential biases among the grand jurors. He revealed that not all pertinent information had been presented to them, which might have influenced their perception of the case.

During his televised discussion, he recounted a significant 2018 meeting with Cohen, where Cohen admitted feeling suicidal due to his legal troubles. Costello urged Cohen to cooperate with authorities if he had any incriminating information against Trump.

According to Costello, Cohen repeatedly denied having any damaging information about Trump. He stressed this point, recalling Cohen's assertions that he had handled the Stormy Daniels non-disclosure agreement on his own to avoid any embarrassment to Melania Trump, contrary to the implications made by the prosecution.

Cohen's Decision on Stormy Daniels NDA

The non-disclosure agreement with Stormy Daniels, a point of significant interest in the case, was discussed by Costello. He quoted Cohen saying that the decision to manage the agreement was to shield Melania Trump from potential embarrassment, emphasizing Cohen's initiative in this matter.

"They were so bad in his mind that he was willing to kill himself and so I kept on going back and suggesting to him, listen, Michael, if you have something truthful on Donald Trump, now is the time to cooperate," Costello recounted about their discussions during Cohen's period of distress.

Costello’s potential testimony could pivot the trajectory of the trial, especially concerning Cohen’s credibility. He firmly believes the case was doomed from the start and should have been dismissed by the judge overseeing it.

Trump Defense Poised to Make Key Decisions

"There's nothing that I know about this case that could give the prosecution more life. This case is dead. It was dead on arrival. It never should have been brought. It should have been dismissed by this judge. He still has an opportunity to do that, but I doubt very much he will do that. So I don't think there's any downside with me [testifying]. I think there's only an upside, but it's a judgment call, you know? And I haven't been sitting in court, and I'd never seen any of these 12 jurors," he said.

"So I have no feeling for what those people are like or which way they're leaning, or whether they made facial gestures during the weeks of trial that indicate which way to lean. So I'm not the right person to ask. The right person is the Trump team. They'll make whatever the correct decision is," Costello noted, outlining the delicate dynamics at play.

As the trial progresses, all eyes will be on whether Costello will take the stand. His insights and previous role as Cohen's adviser might provide a new perspective on the allegations leveled against Trump.

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