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 February 13, 2024

Trump Endorses New RNC Chair to Replace Ronna McDaniel

In a bold play for influence within the Republican National Committee (RNC), former President Donald Trump has unveiled his slate of candidates for top positions.

According to Fox News, Trump's move to install loyalists like Michael Whatley, Lara Trump, and Chris LaCivita in key roles aims to solidify his grip on the RNC as he eyes the 2024 presidential race.

Trump's endorsement of North Carolina GOP chair Michael Whatley to succeed Ronna McDaniel as RNC Chair came notably after the South Carolina Republican presidential primary.

A source close to the former president highlighted Trump's backing of Whatley, crediting his staunch support for Trump's election fraud claims in 2020. Trump officially voiced his support for Whatley, praising his dedication to election integrity and his efforts in North Carolina.

A Controversial Endorsement Amidst Election Integrity Debates

The endorsement of Whatley by Trump has not gone without criticism. The Democratic National Committee swiftly labeled Whatley an "extreme election denier," pointing to his support of Trump's unfounded voter fraud claims. With a background that includes serving as North Carolina GOP chair since 2019 and roles in the George W. Bush administration and Trump-Pence campaigns, Whatley's political experience is extensive yet divisive.

For the roles of co-chair and chief operating officer of the RNC, Trump has put forward his daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, and senior campaign adviser, Chris LaCivita, respectively.

Trump's commendation of Lara as an "extremely talented communicator" and LaCivita as the future manager of RNC's operations highlights his intention to align the committee's direction closely with his campaign strategies.

RNC's Future and Trump's Vision for 2024

The interaction between Trump and McDaniel, whom Trump nominated as RNC chair in 2016, has been marked by politeness but underscored with intentions for change.

Despite McDaniel being called a "friend" by Trump, his dissatisfaction with the RNC, especially regarding its decision to host GOP presidential primary debates, which he skipped, signals a desire for a shift in leadership to better suit his 2024 campaign needs.

RNC spokesman Keith Schipper reassured the public of McDaniel's ongoing commitment to electing Republicans, emphasizing her efforts despite the looming changes. Meanwhile, the RNC boasted its strongest fundraising month in January 2024 amidst financial scrutiny.

A Tight Grip on the Party's Future

An RNC committee member hinted at Trump's significant influence over the committee, suggesting that his endorsements could sway its direction. This is further evidenced by Trump's considerable lead over Nikki Haley, his main competitor, in the South Carolina primary. Critiques from Haley's campaign manager, Betsy Ankney, call for a radical overhaul of the RNC, highlighting the need for fresh leadership and strategies.

In conclusion, former President Donald Trump's strategic endorsements within the RNC signal his continued influence over the Republican Party and his determined path toward the 2024 presidential nomination. By recommending Michael Whatley, Lara Trump, and Chris LaCivita for key positions, Trump aims to align the committee's leadership with his vision for election integrity and campaign strategy. Despite criticism from various quarters, these moves reflect Trump's effort to consolidate control and prepare the RNC for the upcoming electoral battles.

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