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 February 17, 2024

Trump Fined $354M And Banned From Business In NY For 3 Years

In a significant legal development, former President Donald Trump has been hit with a monumental ruling. Trump was found liable for more than $350 million in damages in a civil fraud case, effectively altering his business landscape in New York.

According to Fox News, Initiated by New York Attorney General Letitia James, the lawsuit accused Trump, his sons, and the Trump Organization of fraudulent practices. The decision, handed down by New York Judge Arthur Engoron after a trial that began in October, was based on allegations of asset inflation and fraud.

The ruling notably bars Donald Trump from operating his business in New York for three years, a decision reflecting the case's severity and the evidence presented during the trial.

Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump are also impacted by the ruling, prohibited from serving as officers or directors in New York corporations for two years. This extends the ruling's reach, ensuring that the consequences are felt among Trump's immediate family involved in the business. Furthermore, Allen Weisselberg and Jeffrey McConney are restricted from holding financial control functions in New York corporations for three years, emphasizing the trial's focus on rectifying financial misconduct.

Judge Engoron criticized Trump's trial testimony, noting it lacked directness and relevance, which significantly affected the ruling's outcome.

Legal and Political Repercussions

Christopher Kise, representing Trump, lambasted the ruling as politically motivated and unjust, arguing that the decision disregarded the actual evidence. This sentiment was echoed by Alina Habba, who described the verdict as the climax of a politically charged witch hunt against Trump.

The lawsuit sought over $370 million in penalties, aiming to allocate the awarded funds to the New York State Treasury, signifying the case's financial impact on Trump and his business operations.

Trump's response to the trial and ruling was one of outright dismissal, framing it as a politically motivated attack by Judge Engoron and Attorney General James.

Broader Implications and Legal Insights

Despite the defense's critique of the trial's lack of a jury and insistence on the accuracy of Trump's financial statements, testimony from both sides painted a complex picture of Trump's financial dealings.

Expert witnesses, including NYU accounting professor Eli Bartov, provided testimony that challenged the defense's narrative.

The legal battle has not only highlighted the alleged fraudulent practices within the Trump Organization but also sparked a broader discussion on the nature of political influence in legal proceedings.


In wrapping up, the case against Donald Trump, led by Attorney General Letitia James, has culminated in a ruling that not only imposes a significant financial burden on Trump but also restricts his and his associates' business operations in New York.

This outcome underscores the judiciary's role in addressing fraudulent business practices and sets a precedent for future legal challenges against high-profile individuals and entities.

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