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 June 28, 2024

Trump Lawyer Team Accused of Stalling Case

According to Newsweek, Judge Aileen Cannon dismissed claims that Donald Trump’s team tried to hijack the hearing.

The hearing, which took place on Tuesday, was nearing its conclusion when Judge Cannon made her statement.

Former President Trump is facing 40 federal charges for allegedly mishandling sensitive materials seized from his Mar-a-Lago estate after his departure from the White House in January 2021 and for obstructing federal efforts to retrieve them. Trump has consistently pleaded not guilty to all charges, labeling the case a political witch hunt.

Prosecutor and Defense Arguments Clash

Judge Cannon's remarks were a direct response to assistant prosecutor David Harbach's assertion that the defense was trying to commandeer the hearing. Harbach argued that the authorizations Trump had as president no longer applied after his presidency ended.

Harbach's argument came in response to Trump's lawyer, Emil Bove, who suggested that further investigation was necessary into the political motivations behind the FBI's raid on Mar-a-Lago in August 2022. Harbach accused Trump's legal team of introducing irrelevant allegations in an attempt to derail the proceedings.

Chief prosecutor Jack Smith, who attended the court session, has repeatedly claimed that the defense is attempting to delay the case until after the 2024 presidential election. Trump's lawyers argued that the FBI's search warrant was invalid and lacked sufficient detail.

Validity of Search Warrant Debated

Judge Cannon indicated that the search warrant seemed valid based on the case law presented. She noted that the warrant clearly outlined the search for documents with classification markings. The defense's motion aimed to discard evidence seized during the Mar-a-Lago raid.

Tuesday marked the final day in a series of hearings set by Judge Cannon to consider defense motions in the case. These hearings began on Friday with discussions about the constitutionality of Jack Smith's appointment as special counsel.

On Monday, the hearings focused on the legality of Smith's funding. The series of defense motions will continue to be reviewed by Judge Cannon until the end of July.

Criticism of Judge Cannon's Conduct

Former prosecutor Harry Litman criticized Judge Cannon in the Los Angeles Times, accusing her of delaying the Trump trial until after the election. Litman suggested that Trump would reward her if he were re-elected president.

Judge Aileen Cannon's dismissal of the prosecution's claims against Trump's legal team has sparked debate about the fairness and direction of the ongoing trial. The case continues to draw national attention, with Trump facing serious charges and the defense actively challenging the validity of evidence and procedures.


Judge Aileen Cannon dismissed the prosecution's claims that Donald Trump's legal team hijacked a hearing. Trump, facing 40 federal charges, has pleaded not guilty, calling the case a political witch hunt. The defense argues that the FBI's search warrant was invalid, while the prosecution claims that Trump's legal team is delaying the case.

Judge Cannon's decisions and conduct in the hearings will significantly impact the trial's outcome, drawing intense scrutiny as the legal battle continues into the election season.

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