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 July 8, 2024

Trump Sparks VP Speculation With Carson Follow

Former President Donald Trump's recent activities on Truth Social are sparking speculation about his Vice Presidential pick.

According to The Gateway Pundit, Trump may choose Dr. Ben Carson as his running mate based on recent social media gestures and joint appearances.

On Truth Social, Trump recently started following Dr. Ben Carson, marking Carson as the only Vice Presidential contender he follows. This action has fueled speculation about Carson's potential role in Trump's 2024 campaign. Notably, Trump does not follow other vetted candidates, such as Governor Doug Burgum and Senator J.D. Vance, on the platform.

Dr. Ben Carson, infamous for his career as a pediatric neurosurgeon, ran for the Republican nomination in 2016. He also served in Trump's administration as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, gaining significant political experience.

His background, which includes being a Black Christian from Detroit, could be pivotal in attracting Black voters to Trump's campaign.

Carson's Social Media Presence

Trump's interaction with Carson on Truth Social extends beyond a simple follow. On Saturday night, Trump publicly wished Dr. Ben Carson and his wife, Candy Carson, a happy anniversary. The gesture was highlighted with the message, “Happy Anniversary to Ben & Candy Carson, two really spectacular people!”

Recent joint campaign appearances have also brought Carson into the spotlight. For instance, Carson participated in the Black American Business Leaders Barbershop Roundtable event in Atlanta, reflecting his active involvement in Trump’s campaign efforts. These activities appear to be strategic moves in positioning Carson as a potential running mate.

Carson's Potential Influence

Selecting Carson as a Vice Presidential candidate could be significant for Trump's campaign. Carson's diverse background and strong appeal among Black Christian voters might provide a substantial boost. His Detroit roots and conservative values resonate well with a segment of voters that Trump aims to attract.

However, Carson's history is not without controversy. His past comments on sensitive issues such as describing modern America as being in a “Gestapo age,” criticisms of Obamacare, and expressing his stance on a Muslim president have spurred debate. These remarks could polarize opinions and impact the campaign's overall reception.

Campaign Strategy and Timing

Trump’s decision to follow Carson on Truth Social at this critical pre-campaign juncture emphasizes strategic timing. By highlighting Carson, Trump is possibly signaling his consideration of Carson's VP candidacy to the public and gauging the reaction. Carson’s involvement in the campaign points to an emerging strategy aimed at broadening voter appeal.

Despite the anticipation and signals, neither Trump nor his campaign has officially confirmed Carson as the Vice Presidential pick. The decision remains speculative, with Trump’s actions on social media and Carson’s increased visibility acting as key indicators. The public’s reaction and forthcoming campaign announcements will likely clarify Trump's final decision.


In summary, Trump's recent follow-up of Dr. Ben Carson on Truth Social has heightened speculation about Carson being a potential Vice Presidential candidate for the 2024 election. Carson's political background and involvement in recent joint campaign activities add weight to these speculations. His potential influence on Black voters highlights his strategic importance to Trump's campaign.

The Trump campaign's vetting process has considered several candidates, but Carson stands out due to his significant connection with Trump and active presence in campaign events. His varied background and public controversies could play pivotal roles as the campaign progresses. As the 2024 election approaches, further developments will be closely watched.

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