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 March 23, 2024

Trump Witness Blows Up Jan 6 Case

Chris Miller, the former acting Defense Secretary under President Donald Trump, has leveled serious accusations against the January 6 committee.

Miller asserts he was threatened to silence his claims about Trump's involvement in the National Guard deployment during the Capitol riot -- adding to the pile of evidence that the J6 committee unfairly smeared Donald Trump's actions during the event. 

The allegations bring to light concerns over the integrity of the committee's investigation and whether crucial evidence was deliberately omitted.

Chris Miller, appointed by Trump in November 2020, served at the Pentagon's helm for two crucial months. During this period, the investigation into the Capitol riot was in full swing, probing the events that shook the nation.

Miller's claims suggest a concerted effort to shape the narrative of the day's events, overshadowing the role he says the former president intended to play in quelling the unrest.

A Narrative of Coercion and Fear Unfolds

According to Miller, the pressure exerted by the committee was palpable, leading him to fear for his well-being and the possibility of endless depositions. "I became 'fearful' of aggressive tactics," he remarked, highlighting the extent to which the intimidation affected his willingness to speak out.

Adding to the chorus of concern, Erica Knight, a Republican communications strategist, hinted at a broader pattern of intimidation, suggesting that others might have faced similar threats. Knight's remarks underscore the atmosphere of fear and caution that seemed to envelop those connected to the investigation.

A report by Republican Rep. Barry Loudermilk brought to light the committee's alleged omission of a transcript that supported the claim of Trump's intent to deploy the National Guard.

This omission, if true, raises questions about the objectivity and thoroughness of the committee's work. Liz Cheney, the Vice Chair of the Select Committee, has remained silent on these allegations, further fueling speculation and concern.

The Quest for Truth Amid Political Theater

Miller and Kash Patel, a national security official under Trump, recounted a meeting on January 3, 2021, where Trump authorized National Guard deployment, a narrative seemingly corroborated by the testimony of Tony Ornato, a Secret Service official.

However, Miller alleges that their testimonies were discredited to maintain a narrative contrary to Trump's actions.

Miller's frustration is palpable as he criticizes Liz Cheney for her role in the investigation, accusing her of suppressing narratives that conflicted with her own.

His disillusionment with the process is evident, "I think by now, as we look at the totality of Liz Cheney's hearings, we realize it was political theater," he remarked.

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