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 May 16, 2024

Trump's 757 Clips Corporate Jet at Airport

Donald Trump's private Boeing 757 clipped another corporate jet while taxiing at West Palm Beach International Airport in Florida on Sunday, prompting an FAA investigation.

According to Daily Mail, the incident occurred just after Trump's rally in New Jersey and before his trip to New York for his hush money trial.

The incident happened at about 1:20 a.m. after Trump's plane had landed. The FAA confirmed that a privately owned Boeing 757 made contact with a parked and unoccupied corporate jet.

The incident occurred in an area where the FAA does not direct aircraft, leading to an ongoing investigation. Trump’s campaign did not provide immediate comment.

Details of the Incident Unfold

Trump's Boeing 757, purchased in 2010, is valued at $100 million and features extensive customization. The plane, built in 1991, includes gold-plated accents, private guestrooms, bathrooms, dining and conference areas, and an entertainment system.

Trump had just finished holding a rally in Wildwood, New Jersey, on Saturday, which drew 80,000 supporters. During the rally, he mocked former governor Chris Christie and referenced Jersey Shore culture.

In his speech, Trump claimed he intended to compete in traditionally Democratic states, including New Jersey, Minnesota, and Virginia. “I don't know it could be all of them,” he said, referring to the states he would win in the November election.

FAA Investigation Underway

In its statement, the FAA noted that the incident involved a "privately owned 757" and a "parked and unoccupied corporate jet." The event took place in a part of the airport that was not managed by the FAA, prompting an investigation.

Trump's 757, often called "Trump Force One," has been a significant part of his public persona. In March, he boasted about his aircraft during a rally, saying, “Trump Force One, you are cleared for landing.”

On social media in January, Trump praised the Boeing 757, calling it "the most beautiful, the best-handling plane" from a pilot's perspective.

Trial Proceedings in New York

Following the incident, Trump traveled north to continue his hush money trial in New York. The trial resumed on Monday, with significant developments on Tuesday.

During the trial, Trump's former lawyer, Michael Cohen, took the stand, leading to a heated exchange. Cohen, once Trump's fixer, faced intense questioning about his motivations and credibility. In this trial, Trump is facing 34 counts of falsifying business records. The court has barred Trump from attacking witnesses or court officials, aiming to maintain decorum during the proceedings.

Trump's Legal Troubles and Public Persona

The FAA's investigation into the West Palm Beach incident adds another layer of complexity to Trump's public and legal life. As the inquiry progresses, more details about the circumstances of the incident are expected to emerge. The Boeing 757 incident underscores Trump's scrutiny in his personal and public endeavors. His actions continue to captivate public attention with ongoing legal battles and the FAA investigation.

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