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 June 13, 2024

Trump's Fundraising Tour Brings in $33.5 Million

Former President Donald Trump has surpassed fundraising expectations in California, raking in a significant amount during his western U.S. campaign sweep.

Donald Trump raised $33.5 million during his campaign efforts in California and Nevada, indicating increased support in traditionally Democratic areas.

According to The Epoch Times, the tour commenced with a noteworthy $12 million haul in San Francisco, followed by an additional $21.5 million accrued from three regional events. A senior Trump campaign official revealed the figures to The Epoch Times on June 10.

Though Trump's increasing support in California is evident, pollster Rich Baris remains skeptical about his chances: “It will be closer, but he sure ain’t carrying it.” Baris also noted the shifting Hispanic vote, foreseeing future challenges for Democrats.

Trump's Increasing California Support

The $33.5 million sum is crucial as the campaign enters its next phase, ahead of President Joe Biden’s celebrity fundraiser in Los Angeles on June 15. Trump’s recent conviction in New York boosted donations, adding $52.8 million within the first 24 hours post-verdict.

On June 6 and June 9, Trump delivered key speeches in Phoenix and Las Vegas, which attracted thousands of attendees. Despite high temperatures, supporters attended four private fundraisers and several public events.

Over 100 tech industry attendees attended the June 6 San Francisco fundraiser. Harmeet Dhillon, a Republican National Committee member, remarked there was “not an empty seat in the gorgeous home” and described Trump as being “relaxed, happy, and cracking jokes.”

Supporters' Enthusiasm and Event Details

During the San Francisco event, supporter Argun Sodhani handed out flyers promoting Trump’s “Agenda 47.” Sodhani expressed his gratitude, stating, “Thank you for having the courage and the bravery to stand up and doing what you’re doing.”

Supporters gathered hours early and voiced strong support for Trump. Illustrator Dorothy Dent highlighted the freedoms and lower costs during Trump’s presidency, saying, “We had peace [...] lower gas prices [and] lower grocery prices.”

David Sacks, who organized the San Francisco event, shared his rationale for supporting Trump, sparking further attention. Event contributions varied from $50,000 to $250,000 per person in Beverly Hills and Newport Beach.

Electoral Importance and Future Campaigns

On June 8, Trump attended a boat parade in Newport Beach, before heading to Las Vegas for a rally at the Ahern Luxury Boutique Hotel. Medics treated heat-related illnesses during the Las Vegas rally.

Despite past losses in California, there's a perception of growing support since Trump's appearance at the September 2023 California GOP convention. Trump’s fundraising accomplishments mark a significant milestone, cementing his campaign's perseverance.


Former President Donald Trump initiated his western U.S. campaign tour by raising a total of $33.5 million in California and Nevada, demonstrating significant fundraising success even in areas typically dominated by Democrats. This includes a notable $12 million raised at an event in San Francisco. Despite skepticism from analysts about his chances in California, the increase in donations following his recent conviction in New York highlights growing financial support. His campaign also garnered additional backing from private events and individuals in the tech sector, showcasing its robustness as the election approaches.

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