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 February 16, 2024

Truth Social Clears Major Hurdle Worth Millions to Trump

In a significant development for the digital media landscape, former President Donald Trump's media venture, known for operating the Truth Social platform, has embarked on a transformative journey by securing approval for a merger with Digital World Acquisition Corp. (DWAC), paving the way for the company to become publicly traded.

According to Fox Business, this merger is poised to significantly amplify the company's market valuation and Trump's wealth despite looming challenges from co-founders and demands from a former CEO for additional compensation.

Eric Swider, the CEO of Digital World, expressed immense pride in the progress made towards realizing the merger, heralding it as a pivotal achievement for both entities involved. Swider's gratitude extended to shareholders for their steadfast support, underpinning the collective enthusiasm for the merger's forthcoming completion. This sentiment underscores the merger's anticipated impact on the broader digital and social media spheres, marking a notable shift towards diversified ownership and governance in the industry.

The U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission's approval of DWAC's registration statement signifies a crucial step forward in the merger process, setting the stage for a shareholder vote expected to be announced imminently. Such regulatory endorsement legitimizes the merger and highlights the intricate compliance and governance frameworks guiding corporate consolidations in today's digital era.

Trump's Financial Windfall and Ownership Projections

With the merger's progression, Donald Trump stands at the threshold of a significant increase in his wealth, potentially owning upwards of 78 million shares in the merged entity, translating to a near $4 billion valuation at current market prices. This ownership stake, estimated to range between 58% and 69%, solidifies Trump's dominant influence over the company's future direction and strategic priorities.

An innovative "earnout" provision within the merger agreement further sweetens the deal for Trump and other stakeholders, offering the prospect of acquiring additional millions of shares based on the company's stock performance. Such mechanisms reflect the merger's underlying objectives to reward foundational contributors and align long-term interests across the board.

Former Congressman Devin Nunes articulated the merger's broader mission to forge a "free speech highway," explicitly designed to circumvent the perceived constraints imposed by Big Tech conglomerates. This endeavor resonates with a growing sentiment among various stakeholders advocating for alternative platforms that champion free expression without the overarching influence of established tech giants.

Challenges and Opposition Loom Large

However, the merger's path is not devoid of hurdles, with potential opposition from co-founders Andy Litinsky and Wes Moss of United Atlantic Ventures, who assert previous agreements granting them rights to appoint board directors and demand $1 million in reimbursement. Such claims introduce layers of complexity to the merger's finalization, hinting at intricate negotiations and compromises that may be required to reconcile differing interests.

Patrick Orlando, the former CEO of Digital World, emerges as another figure potentially influencing the merger's trajectory through demands for additional compensation. Orlando's stance could introduce further delays, underscoring the intricate web of stakeholder interests that must be navigated to bring the merger to fruition.

Despite these challenges, Trump's influence and presence on Truth Social remain undiminished, boasting 6.61 million followers on the platform. This figure contrasts his re-established presence on Twitter, now X, where he has regained a significant portion of his pre-suspension following, signaling the enduring appeal and influence Trump wields across social media landscapes.


The merger between Trump's media company and Digital World Acquisition Corp. represents a watershed moment for the digital media industry, potentially reshaping the dynamics of social media engagement and ownership. While the merger promises substantial financial gains for Trump and a strategic pivot towards a "free speech" oriented platform, it also faces a gauntlet of challenges from co-founders and former executives seeking to assert their rights and claims. As this complex story unfolds, the digital world watches closely, anticipating the ripple effects of this significant merger on the broader landscape of media, technology, and free expression.

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