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 May 3, 2024

Tulsi Gabbard Forewarns Dire Future for Liberties Under Continued Biden Leadership

Former Representative Tulsi Gabbard has vocally criticized the current U.S. administration, predicting a bleak future for American freedoms if it continues beyond 2024.

On the "Joe Rogan Experience," Gabbard, an Iraq War veteran and a former Democratic congresswoman, aired her concerns. She pointed out the administration's overreach and the dangers it poses to democracy.

According to Fox News, Gabbard discussed the potential threats to civil liberties under the Biden administration's possible re-election based on her experiences and observations shared in her new book.

Gabbard's Book Critiques the Democratic Party

Her book, "For Love of Country: Leave the Democrat Party Behind," delves into her disapproval of the party's current trajectory. It accuses the Biden-Harris administration of abusing power and politicizing government entities.

Her criticisms are not just reserved for her former party but include serious concerns about the broader political landscape in America. She highlights bipartisan issues yet focuses predominantly on the present government.

Gabbard discussed the issues with government collaboration with Big Tech, which she claims affects the democratic process and free speech, with Rogan.

Warnings of a Dystopian Future

"In my experience, and in the situation we're in right now with the Biden-Harris administration, they cannot be allowed to remain in power," Gabbard stated, emphasizing the urgency of re-evaluating the country's direction.

She fears unchecked power could lead to a dystopian scenario where individual freedoms are not just at risk but severely eroded. "This is happening across the country and if we the American people don't do something about this and stop them and hold them accountable, what happens in these elections?" she questioned the public's role in safeguarding their rights.

Gabbard's rhetoric on the podcast was filled with warnings about the potential for a government too powerful to be curbed, a theme she revisits frequently based on her observations of both national and global political patterns.

The Struggle for a Free Society

"They're terrified of a truly free society where we can have a truly free open marketplace of ideas," she remarked, accusing the administration of fearing a populace capable of independent thought.

"They're terrified of us doing that and making what they believe is the wrong choice, so they're trying to take away our right to do it, so they can remain in power," Gabbard further explained her viewpoint on the administration's motives, which she believes stem from a desire to maintain control over public opinion and choice.

Throughout her conversation, Gabbard expressed a disconcerting parallel between the actions of the current administration and those of "foreign dictators," suggesting a similarity in how power can corrupt irrespective of the democratic setting.


Gabbard's stark warnings paint a concerning picture of the future of American democracy. Her call to action urges the public to remain vigilant and proactive in preserving their freedoms against what she views as an overreaching government that could transform their way of life irrevocably if left unchecked.

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