Written by Ashton Snyder on
 July 7, 2024

United Passenger Reflects on Flight With Clintons to Jackson Hole

Aboard a United Airlines flight to Jackson Hole, Wyoming a former campaign consultant found himself sharing the journey with notable passengers: Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Link Lauren, a former campaign advisor for Robert F. Kennedy Jr., documented his chance encounter with former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on social media, highlighting the pair's continued support for Joe Biden amidst Democratic Party upheaval, as the Daily Mail reports.

Lauren, who once played a significant role in RFK Jr.'s campaign, managed to snap a photo with the Clintons on the flight. The Democratic Party has been in disarray following a heated debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, but the Clintons appeared unfazed as they headed to Wyoming.

At 77, Bill Clinton is still younger than the leading candidates for the upcoming 2024 election, Joe Biden and Donald Trump. The former president visibly maintained his signature charm and charisma during the flight, an attribute Lauren said "can't be taught, can't be duplicated."

Bill Clinton's Enduring Political Persona

The Clintons, both of whom have largely stayed out of the public eye, have expressed their support for Joe Biden on social media after the recent contentious debate. Bill Clinton, in particular, tweeted affirmations for Biden, demonstrating his ongoing involvement in the political landscape.

Lauren described Bill Clinton as sociable and engaging, noting that he interacted naturally with flight attendants and passengers. In contrast, Hillary Clinton, while polite, remained more reserved, busying herself with her phone throughout the flight.

Despite their high-profile presence, the couple in first class with the Clintons were thrilled to converse, highlighting Bill Clinton's approachable nature. Lauren couldn't help but make a quip about Epstein's notorious plane, noting the differences in experience.

Link Lauren's Insightful Encounter

While Lauren found Bill Clinton's charisma undeniable, he felt that Hillary Clinton wasn't entirely impressed by his right-wing views and alignment with RFK Jr. Nevertheless, he respected their demeanor during the flight.

Lauren's past involvement with RFK Jr.'s campaign included significant contributions, such as aiding in the selection of Nicole Shanahan as Kennedy's running mate. He also revealed that a diverse group of candidates was considered for the position of vice president, including figures like Aaron Rodgers, Andrew Yang, and Tulsi Gabbard.

Lauren exited the RFK Jr. campaign in April, but he praised Kennedy's selection process and expressed enthusiasm for Shanahan's upcoming role in the campaign. He mentioned how a VP Select Committee, consisting of about ten people, was instrumental in narrowing down the choices.

The Clintons' Continued Influence

Despite the current turmoil within the Democratic Party, the Clintons seemed composed and content, seemingly undeterred by the ongoing political strife. Their vacation plans to Wyoming come amid Biden's heated exchanges with Trump.

Bill Clinton, known for his relaxed and approachable manner, made a lasting impression on those aboard the flight. Lauren noted that Bill Clinton was eager to chat, fostering a friendly atmosphere.

As the couple made their way to Jackson Hole, both continues to demonstrate support for Biden, a point Lauren emphasized. Their actions reflect the ongoing influence they wield within the Democratic Party.

This spontaneous encounter underscores the Clintons' enduring presence in American politics. Despite stepping back from public life, their support for Biden against Trump remains steadfast amid Democratic Party challenges.

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