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 June 16, 2024

Walmart Shoppers Threaten Boycott Over New Cart Design: 'Mocking Us'

Walmart's recent changes to its shopping carts have stirred controversy among its customers.

Walmart has rolled out new trolleys with additional features, but many customers are upset about the increased height of the handlebars and child seat, prompting some to threaten a boycott, as the Daily Mail reports.

The new design, introduced at 4,600 Walmart locations, includes features like a cup holder and a space for cell phones or grocery lists. However, the handlebars have been raised to 43.3 inches, an increase of 3.5 inches over the previous design. The child seat has also been elevated by almost eight inches. This change has not been well-received by everyone.

Customers Express Frustration

One irate customer took to Facebook to voice their displeasure: "Dear Walmart, please explain to me how a person who's 5 feet tall or under can push those new high carts you so stupidly acquired?" They continued, "My arms and shoulders actually ached pushing that freak of a cart through the store!"

Another individual addressed the issue on social media, stating, "Those carts aren't made for us short people." A third voiced their frustration, saying they had stopped shopping at Walmart altogether: "I do not like the new carts. Making fun of short people." The rollout of these taller carts has been happening nationwide over the past year, according to reports.

Design Complaints Garner Attention Online

Criticism of the new shopping carts has also found its way onto TikTok. One shopper complained in a video, saying, "Walmart did not think about short people before getting these new carts." She also mentioned difficulties in maneuvering around her daughter due to the cart's height, stating, "I can hardly see around my daughter."

Fred and Sylvan Goldman, who invented the shopping cart in 1937, fundamentally changed shopping habits by allowing customers to purchase bulkier items with ease. The recent modifications to Walmart’s carts are a continuation of that tradition of innovation, but not everyone is happy about the changes.

Walmart's Response

In response to the uproar, a Walmart spokesperson told Business Insider that the new cart design aims to enhance the shopping experience for customers. However, this assurance hasn't satisfied all shoppers, particularly those of shorter stature who feel overlooked by the changes.

Some Walmart customers have gone a step further, threatening to boycott the store unless the design is revisited. The increased height of the carts is a chief concern, with many expressing physical discomfort as they navigate the aisles with the new carts.

While the new carts feature practical additions such as cup holders and designated areas for cell phones or grocery lists, these updates have been overshadowed by the controversy surrounding their height. Customers who find the new carts cumbersome and difficult to handle are vocalizing their dissatisfaction both online and in-store.

"I stopped going to Walmart," one customer wrote in response to a Facebook thread highlighting the problem. This sentiment reflects a larger trend among disgruntled shoppers who feel alienated by the new cart design.

Call for Design Reevaluation

As Walmart attempts to modernize its shopping carts, the backlash suggests a need for more inclusive design considerations. Shoppers of various heights should be able to use the carts comfortably without feeling strained or mocked. The uproar serves as a reminder that even small changes can significantly impact customer satisfaction.

In summary, Walmart has updated its shopping carts at 4,600 stores, introducing features like cup holders and cell phone areas but increasing their height, causing discomfort among shorter customers. Customers have expressed frustration online, and some have even threatened boycotts. Despite Walmart's statement that the redesign was intended to improve the shopping experience, the controversy continues to grow.

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