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 May 13, 2024

Warm Relations At Mar-a-Lago: Server Shares Insight

From burgers to banquets, one server's journey through the hospitality industry is both inspiring and enlightening.

According to a Newsweek report, Ashleigh Sasson shared her experience working at Mar-a-Lago and described the Trump family as lovely people.

Initially a dedicated employee at Duffy's, a popular burger spot in Palm Beach, Florida, the individual caught the eye of a visiting chef from Mar-a-Lago.

Recognizing the server's diligence, the chef extended an invitation to consider a position at the more prestigious club. Despite initial doubts about their qualifications, encouragement from colleagues led them to pursue this unexpected opportunity.

A New Chapter At The Prestigious Club

Upon being hired at Mar-a-Lago, the server quickly adapted to the upscale environment, eventually expanding their role to include front server and bartender duties. Their responsibilities covered serving meals directly to the Trump family and their guests, managing reservations, and providing service at various events hosted at the club.

The Beach Club at Mar-a-Lago, reminiscent of Duffy's relaxed atmosphere yet set against an ocean backdrop, became a favored workplace.

The server fondly recalled, "I loved it there. It had that similar beer and burger vibe I was used to at Duffy's, and it was oceanside. I would take pictures of the beautiful scenery. I get goosebumps just thinking about it now."

Interactions With Celebrities And Notables

The server encountered numerous celebrities throughout their tenure, including Sylvester Stallone, Pitbull, Rod Stewart, Wynonna Judd, and motivational speaker Nick Vujicic.

A particularly memorable event was Wynonna Judd's charity gala performance for orphans, an occasion that held significant personal meaning for her.

The Trump family themselves made a positive impression on the server. Donald Trump, the former president, was described as "very professional, always smiling, kind, and generous," and it was clear that their interactions left a lasting positive impact. The opportunity to observe and interact with such a wide array of high-profile individuals greatly enhanced the server's professional experience.

Learning And Growing In Hospitality

Working at Mar-a-Lago was not without its challenges. The server recounted an uncomfortable incident where a guest behaved inappropriately. However, these experiences were exceptions in an otherwise enriching career that included peak seasons bustling with guests and the chance to earn substantial tips.

One of the most lucrative evenings resulted in an $800 tip, setting a personal record for the server. Such financial rewards were complemented by the club's high standards of equipment and service, described as "the best pots and pans, the best cutlery and plates and wine glasses, the best espresso machine‚ÄĒeverything was top-notch."

This narrative of professional growth and personal encounters at Mar-a-Lago highlights a unique aspect of the hospitality industry, where hard work can lead to remarkable opportunities and interactions. The server's journey from a local burger joint to a prestigious club not only enhanced their customer service skills but also enriched their personal experiences, bridging worlds between everyday patrons and the social elite.

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