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 June 2, 2024

Whistleblower Criticizes Biden's Ghost Gun Policy

Peter Forcelli, a former federal agent, is voicing strong opposition to President Joe Biden's policy on ghost guns.

Forcelli argues that efforts should focus on punishing confirmed criminals rather than banning homemade firearms, as the Irish Sun reports.

The Biden administration has proposed new regulations aimed at banning homemade ghost guns. These regulations include requirements for serial numbers and background checks. The U.S. Supreme Court first heard arguments on this issue in April, with another hearing set for October.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) supports these regulations. However, they face strong resistance from both gun owners and advocacy groups. Pro-gun entities argue that such policies threaten lawful gun ownership.

Former Agent Calls Biden's Approach Ineffective

Forcelli describes the approach as misguided and sees deeper issues with gun violence that are not being addressed. He recalls a tragic case in San Diego in 2021, in which a 12-year-old accidentally shot himself with a ghost gun. Forcelli believes the focus should be on actual criminals, not on regulations against homemade guns.

From New York, Forcelli shared his experiences dealing with high murder rates despite rigorous gun control laws. He highlights the effectiveness of targeting criminals directly, citing the success of federal prosecutions in bringing down homicide rates.

The Challenges Faced By Law Enforcement

Forcelli recalls Operation Trigger Law in 1997, aimed at reducing gun violence by charging defendants with attempted gun possession. The operation failed, further emphasizing his point on the need for better strategies. One successful federal operation dismantled a network responsible for numerous home invasions and murders.

Inconsistent gun laws across the United States present another challenge. Forcelli's involvement in failed operations like Operation Fast and Furious, intended to track guns sold to Mexican cartels, underscores systemic issues.

The tragic death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry in 2010, linked to guns from Fast and Furious, led Forcelli to become a whistleblower. Attorney General Eric Holder was later held in contempt of Congress for not releasing documents about the operation.

Personal and Professional Challenges as a Whistleblower

Forcelli faced significant personal and professional challenges as a whistleblower. Despite these difficulties, he continued his career and later authored a book about his experiences. He aimed to provide answers to the Terry family and educate other law enforcement personnel to prevent similar mistakes.

Regarding current policies, Forcelli remains vocal about his concerns over ongoing gun issues. He considers many current efforts as ill-targeted and insufficient in addressing the root causes of gun violence. Forcelli firmly believes the focus needs to shift towards the perpetrators of gun crimes. As he said, "If a legitimate law-abiding citizen has a gun, it's a very different thing than somebody who's involved in criminal activity having a gun."

Reflecting on his experiences, Forcelli is critical of those who blame the weapon rather than addressing criminal behavior. He asserts, "The reality is, there are evil people among us," and policies should address this reality. Summarizing his stance, Forcelli remains adamant that current approaches fail to address the core issues. He believes a more effective strategy lies in targeting criminals, not legitimate gun owners.

Efforts to regulate ghost guns, as advocated by the Biden Administration, might be well-intentioned but miss the mark, according to seasoned law enforcement professionals like Forcelli. The debate continues as both sides prepare for the next Supreme Court hearing touching on the topic in October.

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