Written by Ashton Snyder on
 July 4, 2024

White House Account Mistakes Supreme Court for Federal Judge in Post

On Tuesday afternoon, President Joe Biden's official White House X account committed an embarrassing error in a now-deleted post.

As reported by Fox News, President Biden's account mistakenly referred to a federal judge's decision as a ruling by the Supreme Court before quickly deleting and correcting the post.

The incorrect post aimed to address a preliminary injunction issued by a Louisiana federal judge. This injunction temporarily paused the White House's ban on new liquefied natural gas exports.

Details of the Gaffe and its Immediate Impact

The case was brought forward by sixteen Republican-led states, which stood against Biden’s limitations on energy projects. The White House X account inaccurately described the ruling as a "Supreme Court ruling" rather than a federal court decision.

The original post read:

Yesterday's Supreme Court ruling on our pause on Liquified Natural Gas exports is incredibly disappointing. I'll continue doing everything I can to protect our environment and our communities, while ensuring America’s energy security.

Realizing the error, the account swiftly deleted the post and published a corrected version, omitting the mention of the Supreme Court. The corrected statement properly referred to it as "yesterday’s court ruling."

Social Media Reacts to the Blunder

Despite the swift correction, screenshots of the original post were captured and circulated by social media users, drawing widespread attention to the mistake. The community note attached to the shared images clarified, "This was not a Supreme Court decision. It was a federal judge in Louisiana."

Public figures and commentators quickly chimed in with their reactions. David Pivtorak remarked, "Good lord even the X account has dementia," while Paul Szypula added, "Wow, even his interns have cognitive issues."

The popular Libs of TikTok account noted: "Biden just deleted this post after confusing the Supreme Court with a Federal Court. This case literally had nothing to do with the Supreme Court." Christopher Calvin Reid expressed: "Biden's staff is just as inattentive to detail as he is."

Critics Question Biden’s Mental Fitness

Chaya Raichik criticized the error, questioning, "Which DEI hire is responsible for this." Michael D. Brown speculated: "Maybe Hunter Biden is now doing POTUS’ social media…"

Courtney Holland also commented on the mistake, stating: "The Biden team, in a now deleted post, confused a federal court decision with a SCOTUS decision. Not the best timing."

Overall, the gaffe and the subsequent correction have opened a dialogue about President Biden's and his administration's competence. As screenshots of the initial error continue to spread across social media, it remains to be seen how the White House will address the fallout from this mistake.

In summary, Biden’s White House X account mistakenly referred to a federal judge's ruling as a Supreme Court decision, leading to a swift deletion and correction. The lawsuit challenging the White House’s energy policies involved sixteen Republican states. Despite the swift correction, social media reactions highlighted the mistake, further fueling ongoing concerns regarding Biden's mental acuity ahead of the political battle for the presidency.

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