Written by Ashton Snyder on
 July 2, 2024

White House Aide Raises Alarms Over Biden’s Health Amid Concerns

President Joe Biden's recent debate performance has sparked intense concern among his aides and the public regarding his cognitive and physical health.

As reported by Daily Mail, a White House photographer disclosed concerns about President Biden's cognitive health, with aides revealing behind-the-scenes insights following a poor debate performance.

Despite the White House's explanations attributing his performance to a 'cold,' insiders and past officials suggest that his decline has been evident for some time.

Aides and Insiders Voice Concerns

Biden's campaign has brushed off the issue, describing his debate performance as merely a 'slow start.' When asked about Biden's daily condition during a post-debate interview, Vice President Kamala Harris avoided directly answering the question.

Anderson Cooper questioned Harris on Biden's condition, asking if the president's debate performance reflected his everyday state. Harris sidestepped the query, focusing instead on Biden’s ability to bring together Republicans and Democrats.

West emphasized that the debate was not an isolated incident of poor performance, suggesting a pattern of decline. Reporters have long complained about limited access to Biden, noting that his press interactions are heavily managed.

Speculations and Restricted Access

First Lady Jill Biden and close aides are rumored to be protecting the President, especially concerning his health issues. Residence staff have experienced unusual separations from the Biden family, heightening suspicions of efforts to conceal health matters.

During a hot July 4, 2021, event, Biden was seen quickly returning inside the White House, raising concerns among staff about potential health-related secrecy. A former White House residence official noted that the separation between the family and staff was significant, unlike previous administrations.

The former official commented on Jill Biden's protective nature, saying she often wouldn't allow staff to assist the President. The first lady's top aide, Anthony Bernal, was also mentioned as being highly protective.

Public Opinion and Polls

A recent poll indicates that 72 percent of voters doubt Biden’s cognitive faculties for another term, a seven percent increase since earlier in June. Former White House physician Rep. Ronny Jackson has frequently questioned Biden's health, suggesting that his condition might be manipulated before public appearances.

Chandler West has been vocal about the need for Biden to step down, arguing that the President's decline has been apparent for months. In an interview with Axios, West reiterated that insiders have been privately acknowledging Biden's health issues for some time.

The White House has consistently attributed any signs of Biden's decline to temporary issues, such as a 'cold' or a 'bad night.' However, West's comments suggest that these explanations may not fully address the concerns raised by those close to the President.


President Joe Biden's recent debate performance has intensified concerns about his cognitive and physical health. While the White House attributes these issues to temporary factors, insiders and former officials suggest a more significant decline. Chandler West has publicly called for Biden to step down, reflecting a sentiment shared by some aides and staff. The restricted access to Biden and the protective measures taken by close aides have only fueled speculation. As public doubt rises, the call for transparency from the administration is expected to grow.

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