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 June 5, 2024

Woman Covered in Blood Begs for Help After Escaping Kidnapper

A Southeast Portland neighborhood witnessed a horrifying scene as a 47-year-old woman, bloodied and desperate, banged on a stranger’s door after escaping a kidnapping attempt.

According to Daily Mail, a 47-year-old woman in Southeast Portland, Oregon, escaped a kidnapping attempt by jumping from a moving car and seeking help at a stranger's house.

The alleged kidnapper, Ra Fet, was arrested and charged with kidnapping and sexual abuse. Doorbell footage obtained by Katu News showed the woman, covered in blood and distressed, frantically banging on the door for help. Ra Fet, 25, from Thailand, was arrested hours after the incident.

Woman's Desperate Plea for Help

The video footage captured the woman screaming into her phone, "He's trying to abduct me!" while hiding behind a car in the driveway. Her knees and arm were visibly covered in blood as she sought refuge from her attacker.

According to court documents, the incident began around 1:30 am on a Friday when the woman was walking down Southeast Division. Ra Fet approached her, offering a lift, which she accepted.

Once inside the car, Fet made sexual remarks and groped the woman, escalating the situation. He then pulled into a restaurant parking lot and threatened her with a machete.

Escape from a Moving Vehicle

The victim's attempts to flee were initially thwarted as Fet sped off when she tried to exit the vehicle. However, she managed to jump out when he eventually slowed down despite being struck across the face by him.

In a desperate bid for safety, the woman ran down the street, finding a house where she banged on the door, begging for help. The footage revealed her with a significant cut on her leg and numerous bruises and cuts on her hands.

Fet, who had followed her and pulled into the driveway, left when he saw her hiding behind a car. This allowed her to stay hidden until police arrived.

Suspect's Arrest and Legal Proceedings

Ra Fet was detained by police shortly after the victim was found. He pleaded not guilty to charges of kidnapping and sexual abuse, among other offenses.

During his court appearance, a judge determined there was probable cause to believe Fet had committed a violent felony and ordered him to be held without bail pending a detention hearing.

Fet had previously faced charges of menacing and criminal mischief in May 2023. The victim's name has not been disclosed to protect her privacy. The community is shocked by this terrifying event, and the woman's bravery in escaping and seeking help is commendable, as is the swift police response.

This case underscores the dangers women face and the importance of community vigilance and support. The legal system is now responsible for ensuring justice and prioritizing the victim's safety and well-being. As the investigation continues, more details about the kidnapping attempt may emerge. The neighborhood remains on high alert, reflecting on the harrowing experience captured on their doorbell camera.

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